From T-Bone (Letter 1)


My cool English Buddy,

I got your letter yesterday. It is good to hear from you.

I might as well tell you about the fight I had, and thank God it didn’t get out of hand any worse than it did!
Some guy came at me with a lock in a sock, and as I write, I have several cuts on my head. He walked up to me and started yelling at me about me talking about him to some other guy. I asked him to back off me, and to get out of my face! He didn’t so I took off my coat but he was quick and got the lock in the sock. I was on him in a split second, but he was quicker and he was cussing at me while he was hitting me in the head a total of 4 times, so I took him by the neck, which made him let go of his weapon and then I picked him up (only a few inches) and I drove him back into a cubicle, and then he tried to put his finger into my left eye. I then turned him over and put my weight on his body. He was on his left side, with his left arm against the locker and desk, with his head over the short wall to my bunk! I hit him with a short uppercut to the middle of his eyes (which made him bleed badly). I then pushed down on his neck which made him yell and I grabbed a pen put it in my mouth took off the top and was about to stab him in the eye and neck, and his bunkie asked me to stop while he grabbed my hand. I hesitated for a second, and he asked me to let him go because he was bleeding!
He beat my head with a lock and he asks me to stop! Obviously I stopped because I wouldn’t be here if I had continued with my first thought….Anyways, I am doing O.K.. But what has really upset me is the fact that someone had a hold of my leg while I was fighting, and also the fact that I didn’t say anything about him that was bad or disrespectful, and all I was trying to do was to get things organized about talking to the Mexicans about smoking on the runs!
Once again my friend it was all over nothing and he and I have shook hands.

Anyways, enough about me, how’s your sex life? How’s the beautiful lady who was visiting you here [Royo Girl]? My friend whatever you do about women, please take your time (don’t rush into things) make sure that she is as strong as you are mentally and physically before you get into a relationship! Please stay away from drugs and anyone who is in that world! Why, you ask? Because being around dirt makes one dirty as well, and you know from experience that you can’t trust people who are on drugs! Keep focussed on those things we talked about, and don’t allow anyone or any thing to get in your way of doing what is right!

This place is absolutely awful with living in a dorm and you will not believe how nasty some of these guys are!

I’ve met a lot of people, Shaun Attwood, and you are a good man. You have my Loyalty, Devotion, Honor, and Courage, my integrity and most importantly my Love! Peace to you, Shaun. Say Hi to Sir Attwood and Lady Attwood. Stay away from the drunks and dope heads my friend.

Peace - Cheerio, and Tip-Top my Friend

Say Hi to the Queen, and write back to me like you do to Shane!

God Bless You



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Anonymous said...

Good to see T-Bone is still maintaining. It is a good thing he backed off and didn't stick homeboy in the eye and neck, or else he would have most likely caught another case and added more tiempo, or even worse, a riot. But that's the reality of prison life. Hold it down T-bone. If I am not mistaken, you should hit the gates in 2010. The homestretch is in sight. Maintain homeboy. I would tell T-Bone to hook up with some hinas from out here in Southern California, but there isn't anything good about being down here. No peace of mind and a bunch of haters and bangers. Get out of the West while you still can! Meet a good lady in England to shack up with and bounce!
-Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to hear that so many of the people you met in prison regard you so highly. It seems like you really took the terrible situation of being incarcerated and managed to turn it around and pull so many positive things out of it. I think that's really the crux of your story of being behind bars and it's a really compelling and inspiring one.

all these guys talk about wanting to come to England, but i've always been under the impression that England is quite strict in regards to immigration, visas and such. My ex-girlfriend was detained and debriefed for some time when she went to England with an open-ended ticket because they apparently thought she might be trying to work in England. And she was a white american college graduate with no criminal record. What's your take on this?

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I 100% agree with Alex that the positive and powerful effect you had on inmates and those relationships is the driving force of your story, because you sincerely care about them! Thanks for continuing to share about these men and their lives. You've caused your readers to become aware and care as well-at least I know that's true in my case.

Anonymous said...

it does appear that you had a positive affect on your previous inmates Shaun. It has been said in the past, but you can now see the respect come through in their letters. They miss your influence.
Best wishes
Terry B