Shane Taylor Part 2 Clips

Sunday’s podcast premieres at 6pm UK with Shane Taylor

Classified as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the UK, Shane went on a 17-year rampage of attempted murder, theft and drugs until a dramatic encounter forced him to search his soul.

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Jamaica's Prisons v Spain's Supermax: Tuggawar 4 & Chet Sandhu | True Cr...

Sunday’s podcast premieres at 6pm UK with Tuggawar & Chet Sandhu. Two of our most viral guests share their international prison stories.

Scotland's Dominatrix & Power Coach: Megara Furie of Glasgow | True Crim...

Tonight’s #podcast premieres at 6pm UK. The life story of a pro dominatrix for over a decade, who is now a power coach helping people turn inner pain into personal strength.

#dominatrix #scotland #glasgow

Locked Up Inna Jamaica Doc: Stephen Graham & Tuggawar

Tonight at 6pm is our podcast guest Stephen Graham’s documentary about Jamaican prison, featuring Tuggawar and including prison footage. Stephen and Tugga are on a mission to get prison conditions made more humane and the prisoners to get the mental health help they need to prevent further crimes.   

Broadmoor Psychiatrist's Stories Part 2: Dr Sohom Das & Matthew Steeples...

Tonight’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 6PM UK: 
#Broadmoor Prison Psychiatrist's Shocking Stories: Dr Sohom Das with Jen & Matthew Steeples
Sohom details the most shocking and emotional cases and dangerously mentally-ill patients that he has dealt with and some high-profile cases.