Billy Moore Interview - A Prayer Before Dawn Meets Hard Time

My full interview with Billy Moore, a Muay Thai Prison boxer out of
Liverpool, whose life story is being made into a feature film starring
Charlie Hunnam. I strongly recommend his book, A Prayer Before Dawn.
Shaun Attwood 

From T-Bone (Letter 39)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

I got into it with an extremely large fellow the other day. He was taking the store from a crazy guy called James. When James complained, the large fellow told him to suck his dick. When he went to play cards, I walked into his cell, took the store back and returned it to James.

The big guy sat there playing cards, like nothing had happened, and then rushed me in my cell. He had me against the wall, hitting my arms and legs. He was strong and he hit hard. I hadn’t fought anyone that hard since Lebanon.

I almost went down five times until an energy came over me – a power. I heard no other sounds or saw anything but him and his hand moving in slow motion. I grabbed his right hand with mine and pulled it across his throat. It’s called a lion tamer. I put an open hand strike into his solar plexus, let go of his right hand, ducked his next punch and countered with a right hand that knocked his jaw out of place.

While that was going on, two guys were beating up James. I ran down to James cell, pulled them off him, came back to my cell and once more my store had been stolen. I’d been set up, so they could take my food. 

Now I calculate my next move.

My book Prison Time includes how I met T-Bone

Shaun Attwood  

From Xena/She-Ra (Letter 8)

Xena/She-Ra - A 6 1/2 foot transsexual and Wiccan priestess with a tattooed penis. The charismatic leader of Cult Of Xena (COX).  Cut off a testicle and almost bled to death. 

Dear Shaun,
So many years have passed since we have last touched and so many things have happened since then. I miss you, my friend! I wish I could have spent more time with you. So many years have I spent addicted to heroin. Wow! What a difference this year has been for me. Now I am heroin free. Yay!

Parts one and two of the removal of my testicles were written years ago when I was high and depressed. I’m going to finish part three without any of the written parts one and two to refresh my memory. However, I believe this memory will never leave my brain because of the extreme nature of events. And also part four, the removal of the left testicle, which happened November 29, 2012. Part four will have you even more grossed out than the earlier parts, which you included in your book, Prison Time. I don’t take any painkillers, so having to deal with my pain daily is hard on my mentality. I am trying though.

My current boyfriend got locked up in 1992 when he was sixteen for murder. He spent ten years on death row. He used to work for the Aryan Brotherhood as a torpedo, busting people’s faces in for payment of debts. His story is interesting and sad. He is an innocent man. He never did the murder and he can prove it. He was set up by the police investigator and the prosecution.

The difference in prison compared to the time you left is like night and day. Even more drug users! Oh my Gawd! I can’t escape the continual pull of heroin opportunities. So mostly I sit in my cell and talk to my man or sleep. I exercise and I sketch. I eat healthy now. My meals consist of vegetables and rice and tuna – no sugar – and I try to not use fake sugars like Sweet’N Low. I eat foods with very little salt, and I stay away from most meats. Although sometimes, I will eat chicken. Rarely though.

I am working on a blog about how not to get raped in prison and also a list of excuses prisoners use to not pay other prisoners.

Listen, you are truly so good to me. I love you. You are the best friend I have ever had. I know of nobody in my life who would even take the time to keep in touch after so many years. My own family even have trouble staying in touch with me.

I love you!


Shaun Attwood