Joe Arpaio's Cockroaches, White Supremacists and More from Ex-Ecstasy Kingpin Shaun Attwood

Today's article by Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times:
DVD - Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Free To Schools

I've just had a DVD made of my talk to schools, and I am offering every UK school that contacts me one free copy while my stock lasts. A version for US DVD players will be available soon, and US/Canadian schools are welcome to pre-order a free copy. Email: Clips from the DVD are available at YouTube.  

Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Gang Violence 

Link to Shaun's talk to schools and this DVD:

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Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Cockroaches

Link to Shaun's talk to schools and this DVD: 

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Shaun Attwood on How Jon's Jail Journal Started

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Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Prison Gang Rape 

Link to Shaun's talk to schools and this DVD:

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Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Foreign Drug Laws 

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Shaun Attwood's Presentation to Schools on Drugs and Prison - Summary about Drugs

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The T-Bone Appreciation Society (TBAS)

Growing interest in T-Bone's story as part of my talks to schools led to the students at Maricourt Catholic High School in Liverpool starting up the T-Bone Appreciation Society, quickly joined by students at Maghull High, also in Liverpool, and Great Sankey High in Warrington.

Thanks to the help of my assistant, Charlotte, the TBAS now has an official Facebook page:

I will be mailing all of your comments and well wishes to T-Bone in prison next week.
T-Bone Rearrested – Letter 13

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply-spiritual massively-built African-American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.

What’s up, my brother?

I know it’s a shock to hear from me after all this time and the promises I’ve made about staying in touch with you. I had to go to work and put a lot of things in place, but then I lost them. I’ll talk to you about all that at a later date.

Do you still want to help me make my life into a movie? I give you my word that I won’t allow anyone to get in the way of my responsibility to us.

I go to the parole board pretty soon, and I do believe that they will let me go.

So here goes the big question: how’s your life? Man, I wish I had stayed in touch with you, but that was yesterday.

I didn’t even go to school to finish my education. I am here on a parole violation. I didn’t report. I don’t want to talk about it right now, but it is safe to say that I wasn’t thinking right. I wasn’t being myself!

I love you, brother, and please forgive me for not staying in touch with you. Give my best to your family.

Each one – teach one!

Steel embrace – Strength and Honor


If anyone wants to write to T-Bone, please email me for his address.

Click here for T-Bone's previous letter - The Attack on T-Bone.

Click here for the Kindle ebook T-Bone. UK version. US version. Or download to your PC from Proceeds going to help T-Bone.

Shaun Attwood   
Waterstone’s Birkenhead Easter Saturday Book Signing

Mum and I sold 41 copies today, smashing our previous sales at Birkenhead of 21 copies, and beating the record set by a non-celebrity author of 34 copies.

Much more importantly, the cockroach hand-stamping of children ran smoothly today, as demonstrated in the video below, during which the remote-control cockroach was happily running wild. Earlier on, three women were at the table, and the cockroach suddenly charged at them on the floor, causing all three to jump backwards.

Click here to find out what happened at the previous signing in Warrington.

Click here for Hard Time at Amazon UK. Here for the Amazon US hardback for $8. 

Shaun Attwood

Waterstone’s Warrington Good Friday Book Signing

I’d read that Good Friday is a busy shopping day, but the footfall in the store today was abysmal. We probably would have sold only 20 copies if Mum and our assistant, Natalie, hadn’t stood outside of the store in the thick of the flow of mall shoppers, handing out flyers incessantly, and pitching the book. Thanks to their exhausting effort (Mum was barely able to stand by the time we got home, and went straight to bed), and thanks to the Waterstone’s staff for keeping us supplied with copious amounts of flyers, we sold 43, slightly beating our sales at Wilmslow last week.

A big thank you to all of the students who showed up, including the father of a Great Sankey High School student who said my talk was all his son had been talking about all week. Some students who didn’t make it today have asked where else they can buy Hard Time. Click here to buy it at Amazon.

At the Waterstone’s Birkenhead signing tomorrow, Easter Saturday, the store is hosting Easter festivities for children, so the footfall should be up, and we hope to beat what we sold at that store last time. 

The next Waterstone's signing is in Guildford on Saturday, May 7th.

Below are today's photos, videos of Natalie in action, and some live cockroach hand-stamping.

Click here to read what happened at the previous Waterstone's book signing.


Shaun Attwood

BBC Radio Interview 
To listen to my BBC radio interview from this morning, click on the link and move the timeline ahead to 1 hour 49 minutes 30 seconds. Today, I learnt to never assume that the broadcaster won't say things about you after the interview has ended - what they said had my mum and dad laughing
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Questioned for 5 1/2 Hours: The Beginning of the End?

I doubt it! This guy has more lives than all of the people his guards have murdered over the years. Here's the article by Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and JJ Hensley:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was interviewed for 5½ hours by an investigator examining allegations of misconduct involving some of Arpaio's top aides, according to billings released to The Arizona Republic by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

The billings for the first time reveal that Arpaio was officially questioned about the allegations, which focus on the activities of commanders in his inner circle. Among the unanswered questions is the depth of Arpaio's knowledge of his subordinates' activities.

Arpaio on Wednesday declined to characterize the nature of his conversation with investigators.

"I'm not going to get into whether I was a witness," Arpaio said. "We have met quite frequently to discuss the investigation."

According to more than 30 new pages of billings, private investigator Keith Sobraske billed Pinal County $351 on Jan. 12 for preparations to interview Arpaio and for the actual interview, which took place from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Arpaio's administrative offices.

Last September, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu hired Sobraske to examine misconduct allegations in a 63-page memorandum written by Arpaio Deputy Chief Frank Munnell. That memo accuses Chief Deputy David Hendershott, Deputy Chief Larry Black and Capt. Joel Fox of mismanagement, explosive behavior, favoritism, violations of county policies and potentially criminal conduct.

Arpaio placed all on paid administrative leave pending results of Babeu's probe.

Arpaio received the 1,022-page investigative report from Babeu last week, but has denied a demand by The Arizona Republic and 12 News to release findings of the six-month investigation. Arpaio's office cited federal civil-rights laws that protect public employees, among other reasons, in blocking release of the information.

The billing records also indicate that in March, as the inquiry neared an end, investigators were in regular contact with Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Clarisse McCormick, speaking with her by phone nearly 20 times during that month.

McCormick advised Arpaio not to release the report, according to the sheriff.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors agreed with Pinal County to pay for the investigation. According to the new invoices, its expenses from January through April 18 amounted to $39,000, putting Pinal County's total billings at about $85,300.

During that time, investigators completed 34 interviews and follow-up phone calls with the investigation's targets and witnesses.

Some were Arpaio's current and former employees, including the sheriff's former chief financial officer and former deputies once assigned to Arpaio's public-corruption unit. Other billable hours included conversations with an FBI special agent who has gathered evidence for a federal abuse-of-power inquiry into Arpaio, as well as an investigator for the Arizona Attorney General's Office who led a separate investigation into political fundraising by Arpaio staffers.

The billings also reveal that investigators:

- Reviewed Arpaio's internal affairs investigations tied to sex crimes and several other internal affairs cases.

- Interviewed Fox for a third time and conducted a telephone interview with Hendershott.

- Captured video surveillance of an apartment, and met with personnel at an apartment complex in north-central Phoenix.

- Uncovered a new allegation of misconduct, which documents do not explain.

- Explored allegations involving the political action committee known as SCA that solicited funds from wealthy donors and Arpaio's top commanders and donated the money to the Arizona Republican Party. That included interviews with county Elections Director Karen Osborne and the administrative judge appointed to review those campaign activities.

- Examined public records involving two security and consulting firms, including Blue Steel Consulting, a firm owned by sheriff's Deputy Aaron Brown. The deputy oversaw security for the Fiesta Bowl. A recent investigative report found evidence of potentially illegal bowl-employee conduct and spending irregularities that could jeopardize the bowl's non-profit status. Brown is also the subject of an internal Sheriff's Office investigation to determine whether he performed bowl work while on county time.

- Reviewed sheriff's e-mails and documents from the state Attorney General's Office and researched law enforcement standards.

Munnell's memo alleged years of behavior by Hendershott, Black and Fox that ranged from inappropriate to potentially criminal. He described Hendershott as a bully who retaliated against subordinates that questioned him, and who browbeat others into refusing to cooperate with investigations into the Sheriff's Office.

In the memo, Munnell alleged that Hendershott pressured subordinates on a corruption task force to write a questionable search warrant, then threatened to "machine gun" them if they refused. Munnell also asserted that Hendershott retaliated against those who acted against him.

Shaun Attwood
BBC Radio Interview – Widnes Talk – Book Signings: Warrington and Birkenhead

Thursday morning, Tony Snell is interviewing me for BBC Radio Merseyside about my talks to young people. It’s at 7.50am in England (GMT), and you can listen live by clicking here.

Thursday night, I’m at Ditton Youth Centre, Widnes, from 6pm to 8pm to chat to young people on community sentences. Mum is also going to give the family perspective. Link.

Friday, I’m signing books at Waterstone’s in Warrington, and Saturday in Birkenhead. Click here for more info about the signings.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s New Mugshot Rating Website – Law Enforcement or Sick Entertainment?
(Published today in the Daily Mail, one of the UK's largest tabloids)

He is known for dressing inmates in pink underwear and feeding them green baloney.

And now America's toughest Sheriff has come up with a new initiative to give the public a voice in law enforcement - an online Mugshot of the Day competition.

Arizona-based Joe Arpaio, known for his uncompromising stance on crime, is letting the public browse through the mugshots of those arrested each day and then vote for their favourite.

Winner: Tuesday's current leader, by a wide margin, is this shot of Benjamin Luna who was arrested on drugs charges. It is not known what his face is covered in

 Ismail Abdullahi: Arrested for shoplifting

 Barbara Cyran: Arrested for indecent exposure

Timothy Burgess: Arrested for Burglary

The Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff says he hopes the increased Web traffic will highlight the work of his employees.

He also says more crimes may be uncovered if the public can view the photos.

The top picks so far aren't unexpected: They're the most dishevelled, unusual looking people among those booked into an Arizona jail.

And while the new scheme may be controversial, it has the overwhelming backing of those using the site, with 4102 out of the 4964 people who have voted so far agreeing with Arpaio.

Visitors to the Sheriff's page are greeted with the day's current most popular shot.

The top seven most popular pictures are displayed first.

Users can also sort those arrested by crime, picking via a menu ranging from sexual offences to assault.

Last month Arpaio was criticised for raiding a suspected cock fighting farm with a SWAT team, a bomb robot, two armoured vehicles, and action movie star Steven Segal.

Jesus Llovera, 42, was arrested for cockfighting after the operation involving Steven Seagal, 58, who drove a tank onto the property as he shot a reality television show.

The Sheriff also came under fire in 2008 for his controversial stance on illegal immigrants.

He was accused of dispatching teams of sheriff's deputies into Hispanic communities where they stopped and arrested anyone who could not prove he or she was a legal U.S. resident.

Tough: Sheriff Arpaio, renowned as America's toughest Sheriff, is notorious for his controversial program.

The tactic drew heavy criticism from Hispanic activists, local lawmakers and the Phoenix mayor, who called the crackdown on immigrants a clear case of racial profiling in which only people who looked Hispanic were targeted.

And this month an examination of Maricopa County's finances found that the sheriff's office, inappropriately spent $99 million from two jail funds over the last eight years to pay for other law enforcement operations – including immigration patrols.

The $99 million figure is an update to an estimate made in September by budget officials who said the sheriff's office was believed to have used $60 million and $80 million over four or five years from a jail tax on other purposes.

Since then, officials said they discovered that the sheriff's office had inappropriately spent money from a second jail.

The findings by county budget officials discussed at a meeting Wednesday were sent to federal prosecutors who were already investigating Arpaio on abuse of power allegations

 Work: Members of the female chain gang fill in graves at Maricopa County's White Tank cemetery

The mugshot initiative is just one of a long list of unorthodox methods employed by the notorious Sheriff.

According to the Maricopa County website, Arpaio served in the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1953 before working as a policeman in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas.

He rose to worldwide fame In August 1993, when he started the nation’s largest Tent City for convicted inmates.

Nearly two thousand convicted men and women now serve their sentences in the temporary canvas city, sweltering in the unrelenting heat.

During the summer of 2003, when outside temperatures exceeded 43 °C, Arpaio famously said to complaining inmates, 'It's 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents, have to wear full body armor, and they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.'

He is also known for bringing back chain gangs to carry out road repairs, painting public buildings and even working as part time undertakers burying the county's dead.

His tough line on stealing led to perhaps his most memorable stunt, making inmates in the county's prison system wear pink underwear.

He has also banned smoking, coffee, movies, pornographic magazines, and unrestricted TV in all jails.

Click here for the highest rated mugshots of the day.

Click here for my tips on surviving Arpaio's jail. Also on YouTube

Click here for a video of an Aryan Brother murdering an inmate at Arpaio's jail

Shaun Attwood
Waterstone’s Wilmslow Book Signing

Mum and I spent a wonderful day book signing in Wilmslow. The customers were the friendliest people on Earth. They asked questions, expressed interest, and seemed genuinely delighted that we had dropped into their town. As we doled out flyers, not a single shopper tried to intimidate us with a get-out-of-my-face how-dare-you-waste-my-time frown.

The atmosphere was so good that Mum even ventured outside, presenting flyers to passers-by – some of whom hurried in and bought the book with minimal demands for all sorts of information from me.
Mum quickly conquered the street, striking up conversations left and right, devoid of awkwardness, generating positive reactions as if she could do no wrong, almost as if the universe had decided to return to her in double form all of the good vibrations she was giving off.

A lady told Mum that she didn’t read much because it took her too long, and that she only read books with big print. Mum showed her Hard Time, to which she replied, “The print is too small.” But after a ten-minute chat, she bought it. An hour later she ran into the store, proclaiming to the people gathered around my table that she had started reading Hard Time over a cup of coffee, and couldn’t stop. Hope you continue to enjoy it, Sarah!

Prison Break fan devoted to Wentworth Miller bought a copy of Hard Time. I told her that people keep suggesting that Wentworth should play me if Hard Time becomes a movie. She said that would be a good way to get girls all over the world to watch it. I'm going to mail Wentworth a copy of Hard Time.       

Being in such harmony with my surroundings unfortunately meant that I had no choice but to lower my usual work ethic and allow Mum to take multiple breaks. I even filmed evidence of this – in order to crush into silence those of you who believe that I don’t ever allow Mum to rest during the book-pushing hours. Naysayers, please see the YouTube video below.

I would like to direct all of the followers of the remote-control cockroach to the photo section, and more specifically to the lad in grey, clutching the mechanical insect affectionately with one hand, pressing one of the remote-control buttons with the other.

The manager had ordered 40 copies. Although footfall was moderate, we sold out and left early. But don’t worry disciplinarians, I won’t be allowing Mum to leave early this coming Good Friday in Warrington – or, hopefully, ever again for that matter!

Click here for the previous book signing blog

 "Would you like my signature stamped with red or black cockroaches?"

Shaun Attwood
Book Signing this Saturday – Wilmslow Waterstone’s

Here's the info:

Saturday April 16th, 2011 - Waterstone's, 29 Grove Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire (0843 290 8685) from 11am until 4pm.

The signing on Good Friday is at Waterstone’s in Warrington:

Friday April 22nd, 2011 - Waterstone's, 23-24 Golden Square Shopping Centre, Warrington, WA1 1QE (01925 658 484) from 11am until 4pm.

Click here for future signings

Click here for the previous signing blog

Shaun Attwood

From Xena (Letter 6)

Xena - A 6 1/2 foot transsexual and Wiccan priest. The charismatic leader of Cult Of Xena (COX). Tattoos include a wasp on Xena's penis and ant trails running up "her" legs. Cut off a testicle and almost bled to death.

Dear Shaun,

I love and miss you so dearly! I have no good excuses for not writing to you. You are truly so beautiful a man, and I am just tired of doing time. I am deep within this hole. It is dark here and cold. Yet when I look up, I see light. So I reach up, so that I may be able to feel its strength. I stretch my full length, yet my fingers freeze, for a cold shadow surrounds my body. The strength of light is just out of my grasp. I know that I still have a decade to go before I can get out of here. I fringe along the edge of madness.

Shaun, I am your friend! You are my family! You have shared your dreams with me, and to no one else have you confided such confound secrets. I have done the same. And I still am doing time in this dreadful place! Is my mind strong enough for the last decade? I question my own sanity so many times.

I watch people in here, and I see their habits, and I realise that we are all structured the same way. Yet too many people I have known for too many years have cracked, and are now just shells of who they once were. They just cannot take the pressure of doing so much time.

I promise though when my time is over, Xena will reign over once again her faithful COX masses, and then conquer.

I truly love you!



The pictures are art by Xena sent with the letter.

Click here for Xena’s previous letter.

Our friends inside appreciate your comments.

Email comments and questions for Xena to or post them below. To post a comment if you do not have a Google/Blogger account, just select anonymous for your identity.

Shaun Attwood
Waterstone's Crawley Book Signing

I sold 36 copies of Hard Time this weekend in Crawley, where I participated in the Crawley Wordfest, organised by the dynamic Waterstone's events manager Jamie.

Pat Powers requested video footage of the remote-control cockroach that I unveiled at the signing, so here goes:

In the jail outfit causing cockroach chaos amongst the shoppers at Crawley County Mall is staff member Maxine:

Click here for the previous Waterstone's book signing blog. 

Shaun Attwood
Unveiling my new remote-controlled cockroach this weekend at Crawley Waterstone's

At this weekends Crawley book signings, I will be unveiling my new remote-controlled cockroach. Ultra-realistic and super fast - it is designed to scare. It has a unique prepare-to-scare mode. When primed, the cockroach remains still for 30 seconds, before moving at full speed in random directions for 20 seconds. Based on the American cockroach, it is the most realistic remote-controlled cockroach ever produced.

The quote on the package states: "The American cockroach is able to survive for several weeks without its head."

How could anyone resist not buying such a product?

Link for the times and locations of the book signings:

Shaun Attwood
Book Signings this Weekend – Waterstone’s Crawley

Here's the info:

Saturday April 9th, 2011 - Waterstone's, 83-84 County Mall, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1FD (0129 353 3471) from 11am until 4pm.

Sunday April 10th, 2011 - Waterstone's, 4-6 The Martlets, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1ES (0843 290 8265) from noon until 3pm.

Click here for more upcoming book signings.

Click here for the previous book signing blog.
Beginning of the T-Bone ebook

Fresh out of the hole, T-Bone arrived at Yard 4 looking as if he had just materialised from a gladiator movie. With arms thicker than my thighs, making his 6XL T-shirt appear too small, and weighing more than two of me, T-Bone has got to be one of the toughest men on the yard. Showing up at my cell, he said he had heard of my good reputation, and that he hoped nobody was giving me “any shit.” After mentioning being in for drugs and trafficking in stolen property, he began a story about fighting an ex-cellmate.

“What did your celly look like?” I asked.
“He was six-feet tall and about 230 pounds,” T-Bone said. “He had gold teeth and long greasy hair. He was a strong man, a cut-up dude. He was benching 385, squatting 475, and dead-lifting 400 or more.”
“Wow! Why’d you get into it with him?”
“It came about ’cause he was a raper. He was raping people on the yard. He raped a retarded kid with mental problems in our cell. I said to him, ‘It smells like crap in here. What’s been going on man?’ He said, ‘What you thinks going on? I just got me some.’ I told him, ‘Man, you’ve gotta get your nasty tail up outta here.’ He said, ‘No. You gotta get your tail outta here. You ain’t nothing but a punk anyway, and I’m gonna cut ya.’ He stood up, looking at me all crazy. I hit him with a straight right, and broke his jaw in two places. He lost four teeth. Another blow fractured his eye socket. I hit him flush, and he was out.”
“What’s flush?”
“Flat. I thought he was dead. I laid him on his bunk, and took a shower. When I came back, he was still on his bunk calling for his mama. Some white guys came over who wanted to kill him ’cause  the dude he raped was a white guy. I stopped that. He was alone on his bunk, bleeding and groaning, and I looked in his eyes and saw a spark like he was becoming more aware.”
“Was he regrouping?”
“He had regrouped. From the top bunk, I moved my right leg. He jumped up. He had a rod of finely sharpened iron – an eight-inch blade with a rag on one end and a real nice point on the other. I backhanded the wrist of the hand holding the shank. He came at me. His eyes were red with rage. His jaw was swollen up. Blood was coming outta the corner of his mouth. He had death in his eyes: black pupils totally empty and void of emotion and feeling. I still have nightmares about the way he looked. He made his move: a lunge. I hit him in the right eye, and he stumbled back. I kicked him in his right thigh, and I felt my foot penetrate the muscle down to the bone. I knew I had to disarm him. His leg was momentarily numb, so in a split second, I grabbed his right hand with both of mine and twisted his wrist. I broke his wrist and elbow, and kicked him in his lung.”
“Did he go down?”
“Oh, yeah, he was finished. I put him on his bunk, but he couldn’t keep still ’cause of the pain. An hour later it’s count time. A cop comes by. I’m using the toilet. My celly rolled over, and blood came outta his mouth in front of the cop. He said I’d assaulted him in his sleep. They took me to the hole. I was charged with dangerous and deadly assault on an inmate. I got a seven-and-a-half-year sentence that ran concurrent with my other time.”
“So you did no additional prison time ’cause of the fight?”
“No, but the cops thought I was a real bad character after that.”

Click here for the fight story T-Bone v Scooter

This weekend's book signings are in Crawley. Click here for further info.
US Publication of Hard Time

The US version of Hard Time just went on pre-sale, with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the cover, finally revealing his true colours by looking more like Hitler. Click here to see it.

Although the US version of Hard Time is now open for Amazon customer reviews, unfortunately, the reviews at the UK Amazon site do not transfer over to the US site. If you would like to post a review at the US site or at least click on the "LIKED" button, please click here. 

The US media coverage is about to begin, and I have been advised to join Twitter. Please click here if you'd like to follow me on Twitter:!/shaunattwood

My second ebook, T-Bone, should be online in a matter of hours at Amazon, and my sister, Karen Attwood, is about to publish her ebook, English Shaun, detailing the effects of my incarceration on our family.
Video With Maricourt Students - Waterstone's Liverpool Book Signing (filmed by Mum)

Shaun Attwood
Waterstone's Liverpool Book Signing

Students from Maghull High and Maricourt mobbed the book signing today – thanks for coming, Maghullians and Maricourtians! In just 2 ½ hours, we sold out of books. The store only had 33 copies, so it was light work for Mum and me. The people we met were so pleasant that Mum said it was one of the most enjoyable stores so far. Mum was operating on four-hours sleep, and had jumped on a train in London to join me at the signing, but she never stopped smiling. She credited this to the friendly Liverpudlians, and the positive feng shui in the store. I tried to get Mum to do a signing tomorrow, but she said, "It's Mother's Day! There's things you do for your kids, but that's taking it too far. I can't believe you'd put me to work on Mother's Day! No! Definitely not!" I think Mum's work ethic needs improving. She has pledged to join me for the Guildford book signing on May 7th.

Here is a short video at the signing.

Click here for the previous signing blog.

Shaun Attwood