T-Bone Rearrested – Letter 13

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply-spiritual massively-built African-American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.

What’s up, my brother?

I know it’s a shock to hear from me after all this time and the promises I’ve made about staying in touch with you. I had to go to work and put a lot of things in place, but then I lost them. I’ll talk to you about all that at a later date.

Do you still want to help me make my life into a movie? I give you my word that I won’t allow anyone to get in the way of my responsibility to us.

I go to the parole board pretty soon, and I do believe that they will let me go.

So here goes the big question: how’s your life? Man, I wish I had stayed in touch with you, but that was yesterday.

I didn’t even go to school to finish my education. I am here on a parole violation. I didn’t report. I don’t want to talk about it right now, but it is safe to say that I wasn’t thinking right. I wasn’t being myself!

I love you, brother, and please forgive me for not staying in touch with you. Give my best to your family.

Each one – teach one!

Steel embrace – Strength and Honor


If anyone wants to write to T-Bone, please email me for his address.

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Shaun Attwood   


Anonymous said...

ill fight his case.


Anonymous said...

Where's the t-bone appreciation society?


Jon said...


It started at Maricourt Catholic High School, and a facebook page will soon be launched too

Anonymous said...

Oh, I will definately be joining!


Anonymous said...

Same Sam, I hope he's okay soon.


Anonymous said...

Heavy that what for ?? JIB THE ARIZON SYSTEM

Michael wrote

Jon said...

Failing to report to his parole officer by the sounds of things.

JM said...

Staying on parole is really hard for some people. Its not like they want to break the law or go back. A lot of guys have trouble having to deal with getting a full time job when no one hires tough looking felons. Add to that the curfews at halfway houses,90 meetings in 90 days at some boring 12 step group and other assorted hoops to jump thru. Many inmates opt to just do their whole ticket and avoid parole and its hassles.By doing so, they are able to adjust and re-integrate back into society at a more stable pace.I wish T-Bone the best in his adventures