Zoro Younger Younger Peckham Boys London Gang Leader: Younger Fighter | ...

Today’s #podcast premiers at 6PM UK:

In Peckham, London, Zoro forms the Younger Younger Peckham Boys gang. The mayhem escalates into shootings and prison. 

Ex London Cop Protecting Kids: Jon Wedger Part 4 | True Crime Podcast 239

1PM Sunday Jon Wedger Part 4 Ex London Cop Protecting Kids

Ex-Scotland Yard Detective discusses his activism and police cover-ups.

Little Italy's Enforcer In Arizona Jail with Shaun Attwood & Wild Man

6PM UK tonight find out what happened to 2 of the toughest guys Wild Man and I served time with in Arizona jail.
In 2002, Towers jail, Arizona, the Italian Mafia took over the white racial gang in my building. Known as Little Italy in my book Hard Time, Bruno was their lead enforcer. Their leader Rosco is now serving life for 2 murder conspiracies

Liverpool Gangster: Darren Gee Part 3 | True Crime Podcast 246


6PM UK today #DarrenGee #podcast 3, 3.5 hours of new footage, including us working out with him.

Caught up in drug-gang warfare, Darren loses a friend to murder and a brother to suicide. After serving an 18-year sentence for murder, he emerges from prison on a passionate mission to help young people.

#liverpool #L5alive #CALNAK #truecrime #prison

Dominatrix, Slaves, Tricks & Kinks: Kaz B | True Crime Podcast 240

Tonight’s podcast premieres at 8PM UK with Kaz B: Dominatrix, Slaves, Tricks & Kinks.

After living with a gimp called Latex Trooper and a boyfriend who spiked her food with drugs and pharmaceuticals, Kaz becomes a dominatrix.

Asian Drug Smuggler Who Kissed Kylie Minogue & Naomi Campbell: Chet Sand...

Today’s #podcast premiers at 1PM UK: Chet Sandhu Part 5

After fighting off racists preying on his family, Chet enters the fashion industry, dating celebrities and meeting underworld figures. Eventually, he operates an international smuggling ring and a sex-worker protection racket.

Birmingham Bloods Fam: G Rilla, Shiek, Chet Sandhu | True Crime Podcast 235

Tonight’s 3-hour #podcast premiers at 6PM UK:

After starting the #Bloods in #Birmingham, G Rilla is shot and stabbed in #gang warfare. He and his brother Shiek establish formidable reputations in the #prison system. Eventually, G Rilla finds his salvation through #RapMusic


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