30 Years In Prison With Marvin Herbert, Dennis Nilsen, Fred West Sarah J...

Our 6-hour Halloween special is at 6PM UK on YouTube with Sarah Jane Baker, the UK's longest serving trans inmate: 30 Years In Prison With Marvin Herbert, Dennis Nilsen, Fred West...
After getting brutalised in prison, Sarah turns the tables on her attackers, earning the nickname Trans Gangsta. Inside, she encounters serial killers and gangsters.

The Krays London Walking Tour: Jamie Boyle | True Crime Podcast 242

Krays Tour podcast @ 1PM UK today with Jamie Boyle filmed on the streets of London:
Discover the true story behind notorious East London gangsters, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, on this 90-minute walking tour. Explore areas such as Whitechapel and Bethnal Green with author Jamie Boyle and gain insight into the history and heritage of east London. Visit sites made famous by the violent antics of the brothers, including The Blind Beggar pub, where the Kray’s infamously killed a rival gang member.
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David McMillan Pods 1-5 International Drug Smuggler Thai Prison Max Secu...

Sunday’s 13-HOUR #BOXSET is about to start. David McMillan #Podcasts 1-5

The story of an international smuggling mastermind who faced the death penalty multiple times and coordinated breath-taking escapes.

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Shaun Attwood Reacts to Murder Island on Channel 4 #AD

Shaun Attwood Reacts to Murder Island on Channel 4 #AD tonight 9:30PM "Don't jump to conclusions, be analytical, be methodical and have an open mind for who it could be." Have you got yourself a detective hat for #MurderIsland yet? Tonight at 9:30PM on Channel 4

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Scotland's Wolf Pack Hunter: Gordon Buchan | True Crime Podcast 203

Saturday’s #truecrime #podcast premiers at 10AM UK.

After getting tortured by his father, Gordon is moved into the brutal care system. Living in squats, he runs up a drug debt with Nigerian gangsters, who knock out his teeth. Using street smarts, he forms a group to catch predators.

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Darren Gee Requests Live Sitdown With Shaun Attwood, Wild Woman & Jen