From T-Bone (Letter 46)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

My new cellmate is a kid in the Crip gang, who I had to smack because he stole from me four times. He went and dug up a rock and put it in a sock, but I took it from him. He can’t stay out of trouble. He got caught with a shank before I moved in. He’s in for armed robbery and kidnapping. He shot a lady in the eye. All day, he smokes spice and continually gets caught up in all kinds of stuff on the yard. There are tons of drugs in here. Heroin and spice are the main two.

I put in for a move, but they haven’t done anything about it. Living with this guy is hard. He doesn’t have any education, nor does he want one. He doesn’t know how to communicate. All he knows is being a gangbanger and trying to take advantage of people who want to change. He just took two open bottles of water and tried to set them in the vent for them to get cold, knowing full well that they won’t get cold and that they will fall. He’s high on spice. He’s a small-minded kid who needs a lot of help, but I’m fed up with him stealing from me.

Shaun Attwood