Boxing Day Punch
My honeymoon period seems to be over. Today, I discovered that one overgrown thug can cause serious problems. This morning, immediately before my visit with my parents, one of BHF’s cronies – who I’ll call Ogre to keep his identity secret – said he would spare my life if I gave him my Walkman. I declined his offer and later on he snuck up behind me and attacked me, smashing me in the back and knocking me down. I couldn't tell my parents what happened even though they could see I was injured.

The inmate who told me about his experience with a transsexual in Texas advised me that BHF had put Ogre up to this. There's also some inmates thinking I have a lot of money because the detectives told the media that I have hidden millions in offshore accounts, making me a target for extortion.

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Anonymous said...

I always get scared when I think of ever being in jail, being of slender build myself. The power games that people try to play when you have nowhere to turn to if you want a quiet life. I often imagine the mental strength required to get through it could even be greater than that required to get through war as at least then you have the chance to defend yourself.
Jon, I find your case fascinating, as though I don’t know what really happened to lead you to your present position, my general feeling is that in the UK you might not have ended up in the same position as there is a very different attitude to recreational drugs here. Ordinary, hard working people, often with families engage in them without detriment.
I hope that you manage through OK, I always look forward to reading your latest posts.