03 Jan 06

Runny Nose

After lunch, Two Tonys and I noticed Ogre had a runny nose. Every so often, Ogre would wipe his nose with his sweater sleeves.
On the yard, laundry porters were distibuting our bags of clothes. Ogre started helping them.
"Look at that motherfucker spreadin' his germs around on our clothes," Two Tonys said to me, then yelled, “Hey Ogre, that ain’t your job. Why don’t you let the laundry porters do that?”
“Don’t worry about what I’m doin’. You ain’t no fuckin’ cop!” Ogre said.
“My fuckin’ laundry is in there, and I don’t want you touchin’ it,” Two Tonys said.
Ogre swaggered towards Two Tonys.
An F-16 swooshed overhead.
“Back off, motherfucker! Don’t get up on me,” Two Tonys said.
“I’ll snap your neck,” Ogre said, “and put you in hospital, motherfucker.”
“Do it then, motherfucker!” Two Tonys said.
They were about to collide when some Chicanos led by Frankie split them up.

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Anonymous said...

Keep your cool boys - take some deep breaths and chill out. Your only harming yourselves.Hope your cold is better soon Ogre. Lynne uk

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Two T's has got it comin'?

Anonymous said...

maybe Ogre needs to go to rage management classes,
will. Ka

Anonymous said...

what Ogre needs is a good woman to keep him cool!