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Short-Term Prison Sentences
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Anonymous said...

Although it was not my intention to reply to any of your blog entries when I began reading, I felt compelled to comment on this particular blog. I fully agree that prison sentences do not work, but I think that you comment on it a tad naively. (As ironic as that may sound as you are in prison.) You have to understand the theory behind the system. I suggest that you read up on criminological theories, such as classicism, administrative criminology, positivism (which is actually sociological), left realism and so on.

Yes prison sentences do not work, but why is that? I believe that the convicts are a lot to blame. You cannot rehabilitate people who do not want help or want to change. Programs have been run with the objective to rehabilitate and the trial runs have been unsuccessful. Like any business, the US government will not continue to fund programs that have been concluded to be unsuccessful. Can you blame them? True enough that the conclusion does not account for all the factors that are involved and that perhaps they need more time and they selected the wrong inmates to participate in the program.

The government is in between a rock and a hard place. They want to serve justice and the public at large. Every group has a different opinion on what should be done and no matter what the government does they come under fire. People sympathetic to prisoners want them to do community work and frolic in the fields, whereas, the victims and those outraged by the crime want them harshly punished. What do you do?

I agree that the US, as well as all other states, need improvement and change. But change is an easy suggestion and a hard thing to agree upon and carry out.


Anonymous said...

what is "short term" exactly?? my son who has been incarcerated a number of times is becoming institionalized And society finds a way to make this OK.......most Amercians do NOT believe in rehab they believe in AN EYE FOR AN EYE...and punishment.......

they shout.......they are criminals for god sakes.........PUNISH THEM>>>>>KILL THEM.....sigh...........our world