11 July 06


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Anonymous said...

You say that your materialism is being slowly beaten out of you, but I disagree. I think that your situation has made you appreciate material goods extensively more than prior to prison and made you realise just how materialistic you were. However, you will readjust to 'normal' life. You might have a new found respect for all of the material goods that you will inevitably desire and acquire, but can you really say that when you are released that you won't want things and possessions? When you get the money, are you not going to want to buy your own place? A plasma TV? DVDs to watch? EVERYBODY is materialistic to a degree. The problem with materialism arises when you let it control your life and possessing things in life become the most important goals to achieve. I applaud your philosophical journeys, but sometimes reality cannot be avoided. Then again, maybe when I claim to be a realist I am really just a pessimist :)