16 Sept 06

Duke Resurfaces

Three times a week, Yard 1 inmates have access to a rec field in the centre of the unit.
Recently, while jogging on the field, I noticed Duke (whose story was posted in the early days of this blog) hollering and waving a piece of paper at me from behind Yard 2’s fence.
“Duke!” I said. “How the bloody hell have you been?”
“Oh, you know,” Duke said. “Same-ol’ same-o.”
“How come you’re not on Yard 1? You must be getting close to the gate.”
“They said I cain’t move to Yard 1 'cause I gotta keepaway down there, and I don’t know who the hell it is.”
“Can’t you find out and get it squashed?”
“Shee-it. They won’t tell me.”
“I can’t imagine who’d request a do-not-house on you. Maybe it’s a mistake.”
“Well, I’ll keep tryin’. You must be getting’ short by now?”
“Yup, I’m scheduled to get released to Immigration in November '07.”
“Izzat right? That’s when I get out.”
“Look! Look!” Duke waved a piece of paper.
“What’s that?”
“It’s a copy of what you wrote about me on your blog.”
Duke was interrupted by a female voice over the loudspeakers: “The inmate trying to pass a picture through the fence needs to step away from the fence and return to his cell.”
“Whassamatter with her?” Duke said. “I ain’t tryna pass shee-it.”
“Step away from the fence!”
“I’d better go,” Duke said.
“Take care, Duke.”
“See ya around.”
“See ya.”

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tslandry said...

Jon did Duke spend any time in a facility that offered him the rehab the judge had ordered be made available to him? Again thanks for your blog, you have opened may eyes- one quick question...what boks are on your christmas wish list?
take care- tanya

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya, Thanks for your comments. Jon's book wish is at the top right hand corner of the blog, opposite his photo, fifth link down. Thanks for your kindness.

Anonymous said...


Thanks to you and your parents for this journal. I've added you to my blog roll so that more readers will have an opportunity to read about state sponsored (and citizen supported) inhumane treatment of human beings incarcerated in jails and prisons throughout the US.

Best Wishes,

Dr. X.