08 Mar 08

Update on Long Island

Long Island - Promising young cellmate I taught to trade the financial markets. Released and rearrested for forgery and running over a policeman.

From the Arizona Republic:

Man accused of hitting officer with his car is arrested

A man who was wanted for aggravated assault on a Phoenix police officer and forgery charges has been arrested, police said. He was taken into custody after police say he struck an officer with his vehicle. Officers Charles Hilyard and David Walter were near a trailer park at 17217 N. 17th Ave. when they saw him.

The officers attempted to arrest him on the forgery charges but he refused and began backing away in his 2004 Chevrolet sedan. He then accelerated forward and hit Hilyard, police said. The officer was not injured and he fired two rounds from his gun at the Chevy's front right tire, flattening it. Police said the officers gave chase but lost sight of him soon after. He was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on suspicion of forgery and aggravated assault.

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Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I was in our county jail this morning with female inmates for the Saturday 12 step group. At the end of our session a girl who looked like she should be shaking poms poms and riding a bike to school said she'd been in prison all her life and was there now because of her brother, who is 14 and in juvie for six months to a year for robbery. She seemed to care about his fate but not her own. A long story and I'm glad she was with us, but graphic reminder-you can't save the world and some people just don't want to change. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

The cop probably moved slightly in the way of the car as he was changing direction from reverse to drive in order to add to his charges and likelyhood that he would be caught. The "He ran me over!" BS is not accurate. (Yeah right, it was likely a slight hit - the paper even said he was unhurt - and intentional on the part of the cop.) To run someone over you have the person on the floor and the vehicle goes over them!