The Crackhead Mariachi (by Long Island)

Long Island - Promising young cellmate I taught to trade the financial markets. Released on the 11th of December '05 and rearrested February ’08. Alleged to have committed forgery and hit an officer with a car. He is writing from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lower Buckeye jail.

My cellmate is a paisa from Acapulco, but he’s been in the States for 25years. He’s a mariachi. He plays the bass guitar. He also smokes a lot of crack.

One night after performing at a restaurant, he started smoking crack and drinking. He blew all of his money by about 2am. He called a taxi driver he knew, who was also his crack connection. She came and picked him up. He tried to get her to give him some dope on credit and she refused. He then stabbed her four times, tied her up, put a plastic bag over her head, put her in the trunk of the cab and drove off in her car.

While she was in the trunk, she chewed a hole in the bag , so she could breathe. He took all of her dope and the $60 she had in her purse.
When he stopped the taxi, he opened up the trunk to check on the poor woman, pulled the bag off her head, and said, “Are you still alive, you ugly bitch?” He then closed the trunk again, and ran off in his mariachi suit.

He ran into South Phoenix, carrying a huge bass guitar. He was covered in blood and the cops were after him. He mugged a bike off a homeless guy, and took off to his brothers’ house.

The cops were already at his brothers’, and they both told on him and are going to testify against him. Near his brothers’, he got arrested.

The victim has showed up at every court date, begging the prosecutor to put him away for life. So far they’ve offered him 18 years.

We’ve been cellies for almost a year now. Despite what he did, he’s really a nice guy.

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Shaun P. Attwood

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Anonymous said...

Alot of folks are nice decent people, but once that dope gets into them and those demons take over man, anything goes. That story isn't unusual, and I am sure you can find 2 out of every 10 in the pen who fit that dynamic. I was one of them. Once I had crystal in my system, awake for 4 days with no sleep, no food, and fueled by Jack Daniels homie I was a nasty, ruthless, careless and heartless f**k. Sad to say but there will be many more for eternity as long as dope is around. Now it's time he pay the piper. He needs to take the deal, do his 15 and call it a wrap and be glad he isn't looking at life for murder. A loss/loss on both ends. Addiction. -Jose in San Diego.