GA Prisoner Strike Continues a Second Day, Corporate Media Mostly Ignores Them, Corrections Officials Decline Comment

GA Prisoner Strike Continues a Second Day, Corporate Media Mostly Ignores Them, Corrections Officials Decline Comment


Jon said...

great story, if they all went on strike across the nation, the system would have to improve conditions or else collapse as it is built on their slave labour

muzuzuzus said...

I just read someone's signature at a forum I reall dig "IF YOUR *NOT* OUTRAGED YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION"
I think many people believe they are somehow different from people in prison. Or any people considered poor, and of a 'lower class'. This is disaster and is one day gonna bite them hard in the arse.
Students now are knowing what its like to be hunted down like criminals and terrorists---feel me people??

Prison Abolitionist said...

Hey Jon - Haven't blogged this yet myself, but I think prisoners all across the country are getting screwed right now over this awesome uprising - at least it's starting to happen in Tucson. Right now they're treating minimum guys like they're in Max - complete with impromptu strip searches and an increase in mail surveillance. Any sign of resistance from prisoners themselves right now is being treated harshly. Friends and families need to stay in close contact with folks inside, and protest any increased restrictions from the outside if they lock everyone down. Our voices need to be raised out here to keep them safe - they can't lock us down and shut us up quite so easily. Hope you're well, by the way. Peace out - Peg in Phoenix

leigh said...

i'm glad the media is picking up on this and i hope that something good comes of the difficulty our loved ones are experiencing in what one might call an act of civil disobedience. i would only encourage those on the outside who plan something like this in other areas to communicate with community leaders, groups, organizations and activists (some of whom may simply identify as family and friends of those who are incarcerated) so that the information regarding the strike might be better disseminated with accuracy and so that the concerns expressed might best reflect the priorities and needs of those whose lives this action will most immediately effect.

i would encourage everyone who is able to contact not only the wardens at each prison (as more facilities appear to be joining daily) but also those who might have more power and authority over decisions and policies that ultimately change the lives of our loved ones in the prisons.

Facilities Operations (Tim Ward is Facilities Director)
(478) 992-5101

Governor's Office
Fax: 404-657-7332

Lt Governor's Office
Fax: 404-656-6739

Office of the Ombudsman
and you can lodge a complaint with them as well-

And you can write them at their new location:
Georgia Department of Corrections Facility Operations/ P.O. Box 1529/ Forsyth, GA 31029

visitation was cancelled this past weekend, the prisons are on lockdown, heat and hot water are supposedly cut and the already limited amount of food has declined. all of the support, all of the encouragement and all of the effort being made really helps!