T-Bone is Free!

T-Bone was released on Dec 30th. The pic shows him in his "prison blues" - release clothes. He has finished his sentence and has no parole. If you want to send him a greeting, please post it in the comments below.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!! Hope to see you in the UK soon

Charlotte x

Dan Letch said...

Hey T-Bone, I'm really glad to hear you've been let out, you deserve it so much after everything you've been through and everything you have done in the Service of Others. What are you going to do now that you've been let out? Have fun and enjoy yourself out there, you really deserve it!

Anonymous said...

laaaaad you should well come round ours for tea -


Anonymous said...

Great news! heard about your story from a assembly in my school!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are out you are a true inspiration to many people in Great Britain hope you join Shaun's tour so we get to see you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude! It's about time!

Nicola x

Unknown said...

You're a true inspiration, I hope everything goes well with your return. Best of luck!

- Alex

Will said...

Congrats man, Jon told us a lot about you and how you are such a decent guy. If you come to the UK, please can you tell us via The T-Bone appreciation society on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations, I hope you have a beautiful life following your release. You are an inspiration to us all! From London, England.

Anonymous said...

Live your life T-Bone! :D


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear

Ellen :)

Anonymous said...


Jasin :D

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear this! After all the risks T-Bone took to help and save others in that hell hole, I hope the world rewards him generously with love and kindness wherever he goes!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

good news lar

Wild Man

Anonymous said...

What a great new year gift freedom is. Welcome back to the world T-Bone.
~Big Jason

Azar said...

Glad that you are no longer incarcerated T-Bone! Is there a mailing address/e-mail/website where we can keep up a correspondence with you? Shaun is a shining example of a person who was incarcerated for a lengthy period of time, but still has been able to successfully reintegrate into society. Here's to hoping that you will be another person who is able to accomplish that. (Don't worry, I know that you will.) I intend to follow the story of what your future holds T-Bone, and I firmly believe that it will be a positive and uplifting story. Again, it would be great if an address were to be listed for those of us who would like to attempt to write to you. Congratulations, again, on regaining your freedom. Here's to your future...

Zen said...

Some years ago, I came across jonsjailjournal, and I exchanged views with Shaun, who has used his experiences in Arizona to not only improve himself, but to inspire others too.

Just as Shaun has forged ahead since his release, publishing his book, and lecturing to schools, I very much hope that you, too, T-Bone, will create something of value out of your long years.

Remember, it is not what happens to you, but how you respond to it, that defines who you are. So, whenever you feel under pressure in any way, "Breathe deep, relax, be inspired, be true!" before you respond.

Stay out of jail!

Good luck! Zen

Duchess of Hackney said...

Jon, I hope T-Bone stays straight but I think you ought to let your readers know, it's not all clean cut and T-Bone is not a hero in a movie, although I hope his story has a happy ending like the movies.

I wish him all the best because it is not going to be easy for him in the free world, especially in a country like America.

For those of you looking forward to seeing him here in the UK, it's unlikely to happen.

Sure, he may at some point be able to visit without a visa (90 days max), but with his record and the amount of time he did in prison, he wouldn't be granted a visa....it's not even easy for those without a felony to get a stay in this country.

Even without parole to worry about, T-Bone has tons stacked against him.

The colour of his skin
His status as an ex-felon
The environment he's returning to
Lack of education...it all counts.

In prison, every inmate wants to reform. Some of them find religion and swear it's the last time, only to return, some times within months, even days.

The hardest part is being able to stay away from drugs and for those without the type of family structure Shaun has, it's not easy.

Sending good vibes to T-Bone. Stay strong brother.

Anonymous said...

yo my man T-Bone come to Matts's house rapid