Guildford High School For Girls

Just started my talks for the new term at Guildford High School for Girls. Now hastily getting ready for the train up north to Widnes. I’ve got three talks at Macclesfield College tomorrow near Manchester. Then back down south on Thursday, followed by a three-hour drive on Friday up to Hereford Cathedral School. Hopefully, I’ll make it back in time on Friday for karate.
With Lisa and Oona, two brilliant readers 

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

wow, you don't waste any time! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, my daughter did too but is still pretty shell shocked by some of your photos! Thanks again, have a good trip up North...see you Friday


Jon said...

Thanks, Polly Pops! I really enjoyed doing the talk there. I hope my story stays with you, your daughter and your sixth form, and influences you all in positive ways.

Sara Gomas said...

I must say a happy family. You people are amazing, One should learn from you how to spend happy life :) Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are called Lucy and Oonagh, not Lisa and Oona!