Prison Blogging - Shaun Attwood Interviews Shannon Clark Part 2

Shannon talks about the murder of a mentally ill inmate whose penis was sliced off by his cellmate, and more about the perils of prison blogging.

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muzuzuzus said...

Great interview Shaun.
Yes, it is corrupt and insane, and now it is time to wake the fuck up and not be taken in by the REAL criminals who breed criminality, the corporative government! Are you watching the latest documentary that began last night on ITV Her Majesty's Prison - Aylesbury . It is all so fuckin insane, yet so many of us take this situation as the reality. In your interview you mention the so-called war on drugs, and we know that this phony way is central to the massive prison industry started by Nixon/Reagan. They war against psychedelics and MDMA which when used wisely can help people explore roots of trauma from horrible abusive environments and from other since being kids. REAL healing is not sticking people in cages (though of course people who do violent crime need locking up) but UNDERSTANDING trauma and abuse. This will be when we evolve. But the criminals in charge of the system keep this knowledge from people, and make sure the have people living in degraded circumstances. Look what they doing to the North now, and other people considered genetically inferior. because that is what they fuckin do may no mistake. Their myth is that they--the ones pushing this shit on many people, by the small elite--are genetically superior. This is their myth. This video really spells this out Scientific Racism: The Eugenics of Social Darwinism So evolving will mean us really looking through these myths that are making up the matrix we are all oppressed under, which includes their myth of mental illness, because no doing so means we internalize this toxic shit in us and become divided from ourselvs and then police others in the community--doing their job for them so they can save money. make no mistake these fukers deviously put these myths in place. they love control. ARE control freaks as I know you know only too well

muzuzuzus said...

Just to make clear, because I am aware of the massive trauma you went through because of MDMA. I am not particularly taking about recreational--though if people CHOOSE to, I do not see why they cant, though I would question it.

I more mean that it is known that in a healing therapeutic context MDMA can open the individual up to talk about extremely traumatic events in their life and this of course can be extraordinarily healing.