From T-Bone (Letter 20)

A young man in my housing unit lost his eye last week and it was really something to see. His eyeball just popped out of his head. The only thing he could do was walk around, screaming in pain. The guards did nothing about it at all.
It happened over absolutely nothing. To really drive it home, his cellmate had to take the blame for it because prisoners are not allowed to tell the guard anything that is really going on in here. His cellmate had nothing to do with it.
It started over two young guys “playing the dozens,” calling each other names, seeing who could make other people around them laugh at each other’s expense. It got out of control, and one guy, just popped the other guys eye out, so it was dangling from his skull on its cord. This place is sickening when it comes to behaviour. It’s so childish but the consequences are deadly.

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Shaun Attwood   


Unknown said...

That's gross T-Bone, haha. I guess you've never really seen the world until you're exposed to events like that!

Jon said...

sure makes you appreciate life when you get out

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Forza Shaun