From T-Bone (Letter 21)

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for giving me a helping hand in my time of need. Because of your donations, I can now buy some extra food in here.

We are supposed to have human rights, but in here we have none. We are supposed to get outdoor recreation, but we get no sunshine at all. No one ever leaves the pod unless they go to court or Medical. There is always some kind of toxic pink dust on the floor, along with some white-powder substance. There are little bugs flying around all the time.

Shaun knows how it used to be in here with the food: green baloney and stale bread. Well, it’s gotten worse. They take water and put some kind of fake meat in it, along with hard beans, and potatoes diced up small. They then put flour or corn starch in it to make it thick. The bread is stale and or dry. Last but not least, we get a piece of fruit, an orange that is sometimes frozen and or dry. There is no juice in it at all. We get two meals a day and the same stuff every day, no matter what. Breakfast is peanut butter and stale bread. Even the guards here complain about how they feed us. This is the richest country on earth. There is no excuse to feed un-sentenced prisoners like this.

The guards won’t let us take off our shirts to exercise except for in our cells. The cells are small, 15’ x 4’. People are always on the toilet in this place because of the food.

There are almost 2000 men here yet there are only 10 places to visit. Visits are allowed on Saturday and Sunday only. People wait hours to get in if they can get in at all, and the staff don’t care.

Just two weeks ago, a guy in here hung himself because of the conditions. Every civilised nation on earth knows how to house people like this. If a person isn’t strong enough, then they will quickly fall apart in here.

I could go on about the conditions, but the truth is out now and I will be doing something about it when I am out of here. The guy running this place, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, should be ashamed of himself.

From the deepest depths of my hearts, I thank you all for your help. I thank you in the name of Jesus. I will be writing more.

Peace and God bless.


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Shaun Attwood   

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