From Xena/She-Ra (Letter 7)

Xena/She-Ra - A 6 1/2 foot transsexual and Wiccan priestess with a tattooed penis. The charismatic leader of Cult Of Xena (COX).  Cut off a testicle and almost bled to death. 

I stopped heroin! I’ve been clean now July 22, 2013. I am with a new man who has been helping me with my responsibilities. He is good to me. I have also stop smoking cigarettes. Wow, Huh! Five months now and I am getting fat and I am having problems removing this weight. I weigh 210 pounds now. I have a big ass now, which is great. My breasts are much larger. I am a B cup, 38B.

I don’t think I can talk any more about getting prison raped. It is an issue which is truly painful for me to have to relive. I have tried on countless occasions to put it all to words, and I am gripped with the same fear every time. Thinking about this and other events in my life are equally painful.

The doctors in here do not care for us people, and to find help elsewhere take steps which I have no control in doing. My head is full of Demons, they are dark and scary. I’m afraid to talk about them. How do I? Huh? How? 

Shaun Attwood 


Anonymous said...

Hi Xena/She-Ra,
I just wanted to say hello. I quit smoking a couple of years ago, and immediately put on about 35 lbs. in six months. I will not insult you by saying that, "I know what it's like to have been raped". But I think the most important thing to remember is that your being raped, WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Do not feel guilty about what happened, because in no way did you cause it. I think education is a good thing. But just once, I wish a teacher would have said, "Guys, there's a lot of evil in this world, and it's a really screwed up place..." I think that saying the world is a "good place" is an inaccurate statement. But so is saying that the world is a, "bad place". The world is a 50/50 mixture of pure good and pure evil, in my opinion. I try to remember that there's still good in this world. I hope that you will too.
- Azar

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun

Jon Oliver is trying to have some scrutiny applied to the US prison system. Might be worth making contact.