Bad News for T-Bone

T-Bone was sentenced to 13 years today. The ruthless players in the Arizona justice system have made an example out of him for exercising his right to a trial. They don’t like to be made a fool of in court, which T-Bone managed to do by being found not guilty on all of his major charges. The justice system in Arizona is extremely racist, so even though T-Bone proved his innocence on the major charges, he was still hung out to dry.

It’s also a business thing. If T-Bone serves 10 years, the prison system will get $500,000 of taxpayers’ money to house him – that’s $50,000 a year. USA companies and politicians make big money locking people like T-Bone up. Not only that, but declassified CIA documentshave shown that the USA government was the biggest importer of the cocaine T-Bone got addicted to. The journalist who exposed this, Gary Webb, was killed. It’s all in the recent movie, Kill the Messenger. So the USA government profited from bringing the cocaine in and the USA corporations – who pay off the politicians – continue to profit from locking cocaine addicts like T-Bone up. The whole thing is a racket.

Shaun Attwood  


Anonymous said...

...Awww sh*t.....I thought that T-Bone was going to be set free for sure... It's sad to know that T-Bone got addicted to cocaine, and that probably contributed to him getting in trouble with the law...I know that T-Bone still has people who believe in him and support him. May God bless him.
- Azar

Unknown said...

What a fucking outrage. System is rotten to the core, America has gone mad.