Q22: What Is A SWAT Team Raid Like?

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Anonymous said...

Good info, as always, Shaun. Another time where you get the full swat team treatment is while in jail. Shakedowns seems to have escalated to the point where they more the rule than the exception. When I did my first sentence in Sheriff Joe's jail, the SRT hit on my second day in jail. These weren't run of the mill detention officers. They looked like Marines and dressed like a military strike team, and carried real weapons. And when they barked "DROP!" boy, you dropped.

If you were out in a day area it was face down on the floor. If you were in a cell, it was up, strip down to pink boxers, and out against the wall. If you were in the tents, it was out and strip down to pink boxers and against the fence.

You didn't dare to look up. After a strip search, it was hands on head and single file to a day room where you sat feet on floor, hands on table, for hours maybe until marched back to the cell or tent.

Prisoners have few things and the SRT team would break them, throw them, whatever, They didn't give a damn. I was almost shaking after my first SRT raid and anytime I hear about a SWAT TEAM, my mind goes back to those horrible exercises of intimidation.

It's one thing in jail, when you are convicted and serving time, but quite another when you are arrested in your home. I can't believe we allow this, well, yes I can.

Convict Jake