Attwood Unleashed 9 Line Up

AU9 @ 6PM UK today: Line-Up:
Guest Intros:

1 – 605-635 Disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s eldest son Kai Zen Bickle will return to the show to discuss his father being a flight risk and why he shouldn’t be released on bail.

2 – 635-700 Next, Ryan Dawson will be with us for a whole HOUR tonight. He will join us for 25mins on YouTube and then for another 35mins on Patreon discussing Epstein, Wexner and lots more.

*Then we will switch to Patreon. Tiers 2 and above will be able to watch it live.

3 – 710-740 The last 35mins will be with Ryan Dawson he will be going through the rest of his new Epstein map and his connections with the Clintons. 

4 – 740-810 Civil attorney Lisa Haba will be covering all of the co-conspirators in the Nygard case.

5 – 810-840 Steeples Times editor Matthew Steeples will be back to update us on Maxwell’s third bail appeal and the Stuart Lubbock/Michael Barrymore case. 

6 – 840-900 And we will wrap things up with a Q&A. 

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