Attwood Unleashed 11 Line Up: Ryan Dawson, Kevin Annett...

Attwood unleashed 11 @ 6PM UK:

Guest Intros: 

1 – 600-635 Canadian investigative journalist Ian Halperin released a book in November last year entitled ‘Controversy: Sex, Lies and Dirty Money’. 

The book reveals secrets on the world’s elite including Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, among others, and Halperin will be discussing it at length with us tonight. 

2 – 635-700 & 710-740 We will be treated to another hour of Ryan Dawson.  

He will be talking Leon Black, the Butterfly Trust and how ex-senior Deutsche Bank employees have got preliminary jail sentences and how it all links back to Epstein. 

It’s worth noting, we are now 11 episodes in with AU and this is Ryan’s fourth appearance, and is by far our most requested guest to get back on. 

So it is important we thank the likes of Ryan, Kirby Sommers and Charlie Robinson in their efforts to cover this story and we encourage to you to please go over and support their work. 

*Then we will switch to Patreon. Tiers 2 and above will be able to watch it live. 

3 – 740-810 Another constantly requested guest, Kevin Annett will return. He will be telling us why he is being threatened by the Canadian government and what he thinks promoted the attack. 

5 – 810-840 Finishing off the show we will be joined by Nic McKinley who is a former para rescue, CIA agent, the man Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan was allegedly based on, and now the founder of Deliver Fund which is fighting human trafficking. 

This is a guest I have been trying to get on for a long time.

Nic has recently been on Valuetainment with Patrick Bet David. 

On the podcast with PBD, he told a harrowing story about how a bomb maker was trafficking children to test his bombs. 

But one thing really stuck with me in that interview where Bet-David said “how did you get into your efforts against human trafficking?”  

He responded that “when you realise what is happening, how can you not do something to change, you cannot just turn away” 

And with the mainstream media not reporting on these issues, it is up to us and other alternative media channels to report on it and raise awareness.  

So we are thankful he has agreed to come on tonight. 

6 – 900 And as usual we will wrap things up on Patreon with a live Q&A. 

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