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Michael Thompson Part 3 with John Abbott

Aryan Brotherhood Leader, California & San Quentin Prison Stories Podcast 328

Featured in numerous documentaries, Michael Thompson was an original leader of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) prison gang in California. Serving 45 years from 1973, he was involved in numerous life and death situations, including getting shot 22 times. Also, he was sentenced to additional life terms for crimes committed behind bars.

John Abbott - The jaw-dropping story of a gunman the media labelled as an extremely dangerous super-villain with an IQ of 180 trained in a deadly Japanese martial art.

Raised in California by a prestigious family, John became attracted to  extremely dangerous activity. On a robbery gone wrong, he ended up in a shootout with the cops, during which his brother was killed.

In San Quentin prison, where the neo-Nazi Aryan Brotherhood gang decided who lived and died among the white inmates, John established himself as a wheeler-dealer not to be messed with. During one incident, he held an ice pick to a biker’s eye, threatening to pluck it out.

After escaping from San Quentin, he went on an armed-robbery spree, which included ambushing drug dealers and bikers. On the Canadian border in another dramatic shootout, both of his crime partners were killed.

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