25 July 05

Chess With Frankie

During rec (which alternates between two hours one day and four hours the next) I have been playing chess with Frankie. For the first three days the scores were 2-1 to him, 3 –1 to me, and 4 – 3 to him. Then he thrashed me consistently for almost two weeks. More recently, I’ve begun to beat him.

Early in the game, Frankie likes to move his kingside bishop in order to menace my left flank. I’ve managed to block this tactic by running my queenside pawns up against his bishop, thus preventing his bishop from attacking my king-side, whilst hemming in his left flank.

Dealing with Frankie’s body language is difficult. Mostly, he maintains a penetrating squint, as if he were in a duel. Occasionally, he puts on a homoerotic look, and says things like:
“Englandman, you wanna jump in the shower with me later on. There’s plenty of room for two. I’ll scrub your back, and its okay if you drop the soap. I’ll take good care of you, Englandman.”

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Anonymous said...

My first thoughts were a comedy duo little and large, but then near the end of your writing, a case of dammed if I do and damned it I don't.

Anonymous said...

been hooked on your blog for ages. keep em coming. helps my working life in a cube in the uk pass. rave harder