1 September 05

Anal Virginity Threats: Another Love Letter from Kenny

Threat level: moderate

Hello Jon, There aren’t too many pleasures I would keep from you should you ever develop a change from idle curiosity to open mindedness.

If a man has a secret relationship with a friend, and no one knows they pleasure each other, do they stay as straight as a guy who pleasure himself by the feel of a man’s hand – be it his own – or if by the grace of God he is born with a few less ribs and a limber spine, and it isn’t his hand he uses to please himself?

A guy I knew, who claimed to be straight, and talked frequently of his wife and girlfriends, and all the pleasures they brought, finally, one day, told me something like, “F—k it, if you want to give me head, its cool, it's been a long time.” After a few minutes, he caught his breath and said, “Damn, you did in five minutes what took my wife twenty!” I told him it always takes longer when you’re nervous.

Hey Jon – I won’t tell a soul if you won’t! Wars have been won and zippers lowered on the almighty secret. Any sexy guy that gives another sexy guy what they both secretly love and fantasize about finds pleasure beyond words.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Jon!
Those love letters you recieve are hilarious yet some what touching at the same time. It's nice to read about your adventures and you maintain them quite uplifting (of course a bit manipulated).

I'd like to read more your thoughts about economics...

Anonymous said...

Hey shaun, me again.. Man, in some ways those letters are harmless, i mean, its not like he's coming at you and threatening to jimmynudge you in the showers. I love the way he's moved on to psychological techniques to try to get you to stray though - secrets n all that! heh heh, keep yer chin up - and your fly mate!

Oh, and another thing, how long have you got left? Will you be coming back to uk prison system or finish your sentence in the US? I read the full article in the phoenix new times, made me laugh, whatever is true and untrue, it made good reading about your alleged lifestlye, perhaps Phoenix's talent lies more in fiction, rather than non fiction, or perhaps you've just covered up your debauched days really well. I would have done ;)


Anonymous said...

I have wondered how you are since the whole "FIASCO" went down. I myself am clean(4 yrs+) and am far away from the rave scene in which we were aquaintances. I read about you in the New Times. You were awarded the 2005 Best Prison Blog. I hope this message reaches you and we can exchange letters someday.


Suzanne the Salty One said...

Penislingus! heee! Sounds like someone is clearly very infatuated with you. So how do you plan on dealing with him?

Anonymous said...

After reading many of your blogs, I can't help but feel mentally and physically aroused by you. I hope that you will feel the same after you begin writing to me and find out more about me. Until then, I will say no more as a little mystery in life is stimulating...

Lovingly yours,