17 August 05

Xena and the Scorpion

“Give it to me. I wannit,” Xena yelled at BHF who was holding a large scorpion by its tail.
BHF placed the scorpion on the ground.
Xena put the scorpion on the back of his right hand. The scorpion stung one of Xena's fingers. Xena laughed.
Nearby, a crowd was awaiting the opening of the chow hall. Xena, carrying the scorpion, entered the crowd. As Xena moved forward the crowd parted. I was Xena’s only follower.
“Look at Xena’s crazy ass.”
“She’s nuts!”
“What’s wrong with you, Xena?”
“Uh-oh, here she comes.”
“Wow, that’s a big-ass scorpion.”
“It stung her.”
“Does it hurt, Xena?”
“It hurts like a motherfucker, but it’ll stop hurting soon.” Addressing the scorpion in a voice mothers reserve for talking to babies, Xena said, “I know you didn’t mean to sting me like that. You was just scared. I still love you little buddy. I just wanna take you home with me.”

Xena freed the scorpion through the perimeter fence - out of the reach of certain inmates who were conspiring to kill it.

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Anonymous said...

For every person killed by a poisonous snake, 10 are killed by a poisonous scorpion. In Mexico, 1000 deaths from scorpion stings occur per year. In the United States, only 4 deaths in 11 years have occurred as a result of scorpion stings.
Out of 1500 scorpion species, 50 are dangerous to humans. Scorpion stings cause a wide range of conditions, from severe local skin reactions to neurologic, respiratory, and cardiovascular collapse.
Concerned Xena admirer

Anonymous said...

Xena is a cool charactor i like your charactors and I like reading about there storeys, Jay

Anonymous said...

Xena Rules!!!!


Anonymous said...

Xena is my brother. He will be really happy to find out that his stories are being told.