Thanks from Jon’s parents

As we prepare to fly to Tucson tomorrow (Thursday) to visit with our son for Christmas, we’d like to take the opportunity once again to thank all the readers of the blog for the emails, books, letters and tapes. We are constantly surprised and gratified by the kindness of strangers, who now, we feel are friends.
Our daughter, Karen, will be posting blogs while we are away. She has just had an article about our situation and the affect on the family published in the January edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. In the article, she says how, as a family, we have become closer because of what has happened. One thing that is certain is that Karen’s unflagging love and support has kept us sane throughout.
Best wishes to everyone
Derick & Barbara Attwood


Anonymous said...

I think your coping amazingly well, considering your situation. I read about you in the British Cosmopolitan, an article written by your sister. She sounds amazing, and it is clear that she loves you so much. I will continue to read your blog, as it has a style thats got me addicted.
Keep smillin hunni!
Helen x

Anonymous said...

hi Jon,
You dont know me but I thought I would email you to introduce myself.
My name is Elaine I have just finished reading cosmo where your sister had a huge two page spread of your ordeal.
I am so sorry you are being treated so badly and that you have to spend christmas and new years locked up.
I just want you to know we are thinking of you at this festive time and that you will have prayer said for you this christmas.
all the best Elaine (Bournemouth UK)

Anonymous said...

A brilliant article by your sister in Cosmo. You have a wonderful family and their love and support will see you through this awful ordeal.
Enjoy your parent's visit.
Seasons greetings
Janet UK

Trena said...
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Trena said...

Dear Jon's Parents,

Please tell Jon I say "Hey! Keep on writing!".

My twenty-three year old son is a brethren, right next door. A fine Orangeman, too. I send him Jon's Journals. Such an inspiration to us both.

My sincere thoughts and best wishes go to all those (not) forgotten this holiday season.


Anonymous said...


I guess your female readership is going to go through the roof now can't be all bad!

Cheers mate and look after yourself.


Anonymous said...

I think there will be a lot of comments in response to your sister's heartfelt article in Cosmo. As soon as I read the article, I came online to read the blog and I don't know how you keep on going, but please stay strong, like your family are trying to be for you. All the best, especially at this time of year, Jenny

Cat said...

I've been checking in regularly after reading the article in Cosmo and am loving your work - makes my tales of boys who don't ring me in my blog seem very trite. Take care over the festive period and stay positive.

Anonymous said...

I read your sisters article in cosmo and think your a couragous man with a loving, supportive family. I will continue to read your blog as im sure many others will! Stay strong and all the best, especially at this time of year. :)
Kirsty (Portsmouth, UK)

Anonymous said...

I have just read the article in Cosmopolitan which your sister wrote. By the looks of things a lot of others have as well. Hate to hear of such a sad story especially at this time of the year. Keep strong and god bless. Glad you have a family who love u so much :-)
(Portsmouth U.K)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
I just saw karen's article in Cosmopolitan i think its great that Shaun is able to reveal all the horrid stuff he has 2 put up with i really feel for him and all your family best of luck gettin him out of there xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

Just read your sister's article in Cosmo magazine... I can't imagine what you're going through, I work for a dance music magazine, and love clubbing probably as mush as you do, to go to jail for doing something that you love is so unfair. You should'nt be in jail for this, this would never happen in the UK. Keep yourself save. Take care, Lynne xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, I have also read the Cosmo article. Keep up the faith. I am a psychiatric nurse and it amazes me that nothing seems to have broken your spirit. Be true to yourself and keep your head up high through the difficult times. God Bless and take care of yourself.