17 Feb 06

The Thunder Pot

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to warn you that if you ever have an occasion to purchase a new commode try not to confuse the salespeople. Let me explain:
My best friend and I went to Lowe's to purchase a new commode for her handicapped son's house. His bowl was cracked and had started to leak.
How hard can it be to purchase a commode, you ask.
We walked into Lowe's and she asked me where they would be. I pointed in the general direction where they have the displays set up. As we headed off in that direction, as young clerk asked if he could help us. She asked him where the commodes were. With a puzzled look, he shook his head in confusion. She reapeated the question, thinking he had not heard her. He shook his head again, said he did not know what that was and that maybe the service desk could help us. I looked at his nametag thinking he must be foreign not to know what a commode was, but his name seemed quite American as did his looks. My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief as we headed on our way again. We stopped by the service desk and she asked the sales girl the same question. You can imagine how stunned we were when this girl did not know what a commode was either. My friend tried to explain, "You know, like in the bathroom." Now, we are getting somewhere, as the sales girl nods, and asks "to use? or to buy?".