03 March 06

Question Time

Karen in Essex asked whether Slingblade was in Vietnam on business or pleasure.

Slingblade was in Vietnam as a footsoldier – expendable, cannon fodder. He did well surviving there for almost two years. I suspect he has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

He came to my cell today begging for peanut butter, wearing no top or socks. His fist twitching, his face giggling, he presented a bizarre and tragic figure.

Pippa in the Netherlands asked how many people I write to regularly, if I keep my letters, and how many I have accumulated.

I write regularly to dozens of people, and irregularly to hundreds. I keep all letters. They are shipped to England and remain uncounted.

Lisa in Phoenix asked about my goals for 2006.

To read 200 books (I read 52 in the first quarter). To develop my writing skills. To advance my yoga ability. To do some college correspondence classes. To gain a better understanding of myself. To remain an anal virgin.

Gail asked for my favourite yoga positions.

My favourite is Scorpion Pose, which I hold for a minute. Now that I can do the Lotus Pose in Headstand, I can almost do Upright Cock. Ganda Bherundasana seems impossible, so I am working on some easier variations to get there. Developing these extreme poses is what I enjoy most when doing asanas.

Zelda asked if Xena’s coffee enemas were with or without cream.

Xena answered, “I have no access to cream, but I’d like to give it a try.”

Clancy asked about my favourite comedies.

Growing up, I enjoyed The Young Ones, Spitting Image and anything Monty Pythonesque. My need for humour is now satisfied via books, especially those by Tom Wolfe and Cervantes, and I've been enjoying the short stories of Charles D’Ambrosio, T. Coraghessan Boyle and Thom Jones.

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Anonymous said...

coffee and cream, what about the sugar? - hmmm

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