01 June 06

A Kiss (Part 2)

Click here for A Kiss Part 1.

Thoughts on the kiss:

When I first see Royo Girl at visitation, should I play it cool and just kiss her hand? Kiss her hand! Wait a minute, since when have you been afraid to make a bold move? Plant one on her lips right away. But not for too long. Just long enough to leave a lasting impression. Then go for a longer one at the end when everyone else in the visitation room is doing it. Then, you’ll be able to get in a good sniff of her neck.

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Anonymous said...

Play it CoooooooooooooL.

If you can.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, tough choice. Let me give you the female perspective because I can promise you she has no doubt been wondering what to do herself. How about when you see her gently kiss her on the lips ( no tongue) but make sure you have have your hand touch her cheek or maybe even gently hold her neck for a brief second. Then when you pull away (reluctantly) don't say a word ... just look at her and slowly smile. I promise ... that will get her weak enough to melt. Holy crap ... now I want a kiss!!!

Anonymous said...

Jon, you need to be careful of your emotions. I read your blog regularly and I know you suffered great disappointment when Claudia stopped visiting you.You are in a vulnerable position and could very easily fall for this girl and she could let you down and you'll suffer again. Bide your time until your release, when I'm sure you'll have girls queuing up to kiss you. Me included, if I wasn't happily married. Luv Sandra xxx

Anonymous said...

is this going to be a kiss and tell story?


Anonymous said...

When your a famous author you'll be fighting of the girls hang on in there

Anonymous said...

For a minute, I didn't know what advice to give. Sometimes what you plan doesn't always work. The previous writer may have the anwer. I do like the idea of kissing her hand, as that is romantic. Somehow, I don't know why, but Shania Twain's record came to mind about the song about getting to know her. I think the song is called 'Ask'!

Anonymous said...


This girl is coming to visit you and you don't know how to kiss her?


Kiss her on the cheek as you would if you were first meeting in the pub. Then just be yourself. You'll get the next signals from her.

You've been around prisoners, defending your arse too long mate. Time for a quick hand shandy from a visitor.