08 June 06


After reading The Complete Marquis de Sade, Xena decided to convert one of her adorers here, a lifer, into Slave-X.
“I have a proposition for you,” Xena said.
“What’s that?” Slave-X asked.
“Would you be my slave?”
“Would you want me to do anythin’ you ask, without question?”
“Yes, and you’d get spanked.”
“Every day?”
“Yes, everyday.”
“Oh, Xena, you’ve got beautiful legs - the best I’ve ever seen. I want to be a thing, an entity, an object - all for your pleasure. That would be exciting, a little bondage, all for you.”
“You want me to spank you right now don’t you?”
“Wow! You’ve got me all excited. I can feel my toes curling.”
“Then you can start by kissin’ my feet…”

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Copyright © 2005-2006 Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Humour never fails. Reminds me of some comedian some years ago, who used to round saying "chase me"!
Terry B

Anonymous said...

Oh Xena! you're such a tart!

Anonymous said...

Does Xena have a steady or does she like to play the field or both?