10 October 07

The Future of Jon’s Jail Journal

Some of you have asked about my post-release plans for this blog.

I intend to keep posting the progress of the blog characters. Most of them – including Xena and Two Tonys – have agreed to provide written updates, and my friend Jack, a brilliant writer on Yard 4, has agreed to provide accounts of what’s going on on Yard 4, including tracking the blog characters. Some of the regulars (including Frankie, T-Bone, and Weird Al) are scheduled for release in 2008 or 2009, and I hope to follow their progress.

There are hundreds of blogs not yet posted for various reasons: my parents felt them too risqué, or they may have caused problems for someone if they had been posted when written. I’ve also written many stories, including Two Tony’s life story, and short stories incorporating the blog characters.

Some of you are wondering how I’ll fare post release. Will I achieve new successes? Will I do drugs again and go to the devil? Will anything come of my relationship with Royo Girl? How will I cope in England after being away for sixteen years? Especially living in my parents’ garage!

I intend to blog my progress, and to seek out new characters – especially the colourful and the downtrodden. I’m sure Aunt Lily will be blogged. Reading D.H. Lawrence recently brought to mind ways I can portray my hometown of Widnes, Cheshire.

I want to continue to use the blog to help prisoners and to expose injustice. I shall continue to answer your questions and to write about anything you care to suggest. I’ve tried to answer many of your queries at My Space, so I may continue to do that or I may merge that function back into the blog.

With only a short time left to go can you imagine how excited I am? I can’t wait to meet some of you in person or over the Internet. What a journey you’ve helped me get through! And how much has been accomplished due to your support! Thanks for your kindness! Yes! And for helping me demonstrate that prisoners are indeed members of the human race.

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John said...

You're a good fellow. Happy you'll soon be outside.

Don said...

I have a bottle of Champagne waiting to be uncorked upon hearing of your release. THANK YOU! for all you have done.

The ride is just beginning.

D and P

Unknown said...

It will be great to hear continued updates on your blog characters. I have no doubt that you are going to be engaged in a lot of literary activity, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers - I can't wait to read that you have finally made it home, which hopefully won't be long now!

You're a great guy, you have given a lot to those around you in very difficult circumstances, and I know there are great things ahead for you!!

Jonesy said...

I think we all expect you to continue this blog - otherwise you can expect riots that would put Santa Rita to shame!
Here is an early heads up, we will be back in the UK next June/July and intend to take you for a pint!!

Stay focused, as the last part of this ride can be the trickiest.

Sending positive vibes your way.

Rachel, Joe and the guys at the Polunsky Unit, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn,

So happy to read that you will be out soon and your plans for blogging after your release!

Been following you since 2005, feel like a long lost friend is coming home even though we've never met or spoken!

Lots of best wishes flying over to you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news Jon. Hollywood here you come! -Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

dear short time,

thank you for your excellent and faithful writings over the years. hopefully, you will be able to parlay them into part of a living and even a greater good.

until your shoes hit the pavement, do not be paranoid, but you MUST remain mindful (as buddhists like to say) of resentful action by people who may try to get a parting shot at you. now is not the time to become complacent.

that time will be when you are on the plane to heathrow.

good luck in the world,

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon-
Been following your adventures for a couple of years now. First off, congrats on being almost outta there.
And, thanks for your plans to continue on blogging after your release.
I hope the very very best for you!

Dorion Rose said...

I have been following this blog for over year now and I believe there is a light shinning in you that will assure you of your unimagined success.
Sometimes an extreme decent gives you the momentum you need of an equally extreme assent. Yours will be to sub-space my friend.


Shor said...

thankyou for nearly three years of inspirational, fascinating and occasionally hilarious writing. Don't disappear now- the post-jail jon is just as interesting. And maybe your toughest journey is only just beginning-

Anonymous said...

It has been a broad minding experience reading your blog, and a reminder, as you say, that we are all human. It is heartbreaking to read of injustices in court and of continued injustice in the penal system. Carrying on the blog will give hope to the many incarcerated, especially those who are serving life. It is good for them to know that people are thinking about them on the outside. I know that there is a special day of prayer each year for those who are imprisoned.
Best wishes for your release and hope that you will soon be reunited with your friends and family.