08 May 08

YouTube of How to Survive Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail System

If you want to print out the list of tips to send to an inmate, the list is here: http://jonsjailjournal.blogspot.com/2008/05/07-may-08-how-to-survive-sheriff-joe.html

Arpaio's jails: First Ave Jail Fourth Avenue Jail Durango Jail Towers Jail Estrella Jail Tent City
Lower Buckeye Jail Madison Street Jail

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Anonymous said...

That's really interesting (not to mention disturbing). Hopefully, Arpaio's days are numbered...


Anonymous said...

I just did 16 months in max security in a county jail while i fought my case. My husband has been in and out of prison for the last 17 years. He is still incarcerated in max security in the county jail while we finish fighting our case, but your rules to live by in there are absolutely correct.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your journal, your tips to surving jail, and mostly the picture of you and Hammy from the 80's!


Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I will send a list to Brandon. Now he mentioned something that I wonder if other male ex-inmates may comment on-a cellie of his, in anticipation of being confronted in his cell by CO's for some behavior, actually soaped down the floor and himself with either shampoo or something slippery so he couldn't be grabbed easily. Is this actually done? I don't think anything happened.

Also, Bran said it is really not a good idea to congregate in cells or be where you shouldn't during a count or check-on more than one occasion he hid under bunks or blankets not to be seen. He was also grabbed into a cell more than once when a fight was looming. He mentioned not being able to congregate in groups of more than four in yard because that would get the attention of the guards-so their games of hackie sack (not sure of spelling) were carefully monitored.

Donte Russo said...

Some one needs to get rid of this Sheriff maybe the feds will do it soon. Here is some more on this peace of crap Joe.


Anonymous said...

Very good information, I'm going to try to drill it into my head for the next couple weeks, since I am soon awaiting a stint in TDC(Texas department of corrections) also, I am an extremely small guy, 5'8" like 130lbs, but I will fight if I must, I'm just not very good at it, and most of the other rules I had learned from a 7th month stay in county jail. Anyway, thanks for the reinforcement.

ExHelot said...

My observation and experience is that if you have to do time you're better off in prison than county.
That means: food, security, visitation, programs, and general mobility, not to mention availability of exercise facilities, libraries &c.
I would like to add that for the fish, avoid ANYONE that wants to be your friend without checking you out first. These are almost always predators. That includes accepting favors from other inmates unless you have a well established relationship and are prepared to do payback in kind. Don't involve yourself with any person or group until you've been around long enough to know who is who and why. Finally: Respect is the number one currency inside. Have it for yourself and show it to others.