25 Jan 09

From Slope (Letter 2)

Slope - A hillbilly biker with militiaman tendencies who's been serving a sentence for double murder since Boy George topped the charts. Born and raised in Sunnyslope - a neighbourhood putting as much energy into becoming the crack and crystal meth hub of Phoenix as if it were vying to host the Olympic Games.


Hello Shaun,

I hope this finds you well and all is good for you and your family! I also hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your dreary English weather!

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been writing to you. Well, back in June a prison dentist almost killed me! I spent 3 days in a medical ward. He broke my skull in 5 places. They had to take me to an emergency oral surgeon. I was falling out. They had to pull like 4 pieces of bone out of my skull, collapsed my sinus cavity cracked all the way to the orbital socket, had a hole in the roof of my mouth all the way into my sinus cavity. They had me strung out on morphine sulphate for 4 months. My people got me a badass malpractice lawyer.

I made the parole board on the 25 to life! God is good to me! It has been a crazy 6 months! I have some action coming on my 9 year sentence.

I need to see some pictures of some pretty women. 25 years of no women, I’m a virgin again! Tell the English women I’m a dyed in the wool American booger eater! Covered in tattoos and scars. Got some in prison and others in bars. The only place I don’t have tattoos is my ass.

Well, my take on America’s new prez. It’s about time for a change. I figured it would be a woman long before a man from a culturally diverse background, and not of direct English descent. Hey, let’s see what he does. The color of skin does not dictate smarts or stupid. It’s about time for a change in America. Let’s see if he is up to it. He would be hard pressed to do worse than his predecessor!

So to recap, I made the board on the 25 to life, still have 9 years left, yet I have a chance to have that “modified.” A prison dentist damn near killed me!

Hope you had a good Christmas, enjoying your family and not all that material shit.

Write back soon! It was good to hear from you!

With respect,

Slope Diggidy Dawg

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! What could he have possibly been doing dentistry wise to leave THAT kind of injury?


LongIslandsGirl said...

What the hell.....
Was this person out for blood or did he just not know what the hell he was doing?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god...

I am glad you, Shaun, have such good teeth.


Jon said...

Unfortunately, the dregs of the medical community tend to gravitate toward working in prisons. Slope was lucky. Many prisoners die every year because of medical negligence. For reasons as simple as not being given medication on time.

Shaun Attwood

Unknown said...

hey we aren't all from england California Bay Area here! keep your head up

Anonymous said...

THAT SHIY IZ FUCKED UP!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

'Dregs of the medical community'. The damage described does discredit to even them.