From Two Tonys (Letter 11)

Two Tonys - A whacker of men and Mafia associate serving multiple life sentences for murders and violent crimes. Left bodies from Tucson to Alaska, but claims all his victims "had it coming." Recently diagnosed with liver cancer, and is in chemotherapy fighting to prolong his life.


That Johnnie Bennett Battaglia that left a comment is the kid of Johnnie the Bat. The Bat came in my club one night with Charlie Batts’ wife and entourage, and had a drink. Charlie was in prison at the time. I didn’t pick up good vibes, so we all just glanced at each other. They didn’t stay long. He was over in Arizona on parole from California. He was doing a diamond score and a good one at that. Me and my partner turned it down. But the Bat did it and got away with it. Then they got him for violating his parole by going to another state. We heard he died in prison. The heist involved a jeweller named Newt Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer did a swan dive off the Pioneer Hotel without a parachute. That’s what happens to gangster groupies. Keep you day jobs, folks!

You remember my main guy, Jim Hogg. Yeah, the 280 lb hunk of rock some refer to as Rolling Thunder. Well, he’s always looked out for me in here. You know that. When I come back from the hospital, he meets me at the gate and tells me I’ve been moved to his pod. He is right across from me and he is godsent. He does so much for me, I feel both guilty and old. He’s my big-headed boy, and I got big-time love for him. But he goes home soon and I’ll miss him a lot.

Ya know, as screwed up as my life has been, I’m very fortunate with friends who actually want to look out for me. There’s a group of good solid nasty white boys I’ve known for quite a while who came to me and wanted me to move to their pod. Jim Hogg was with me, and told them I’m staying with him till he leaves. They put up an argument, but to no avail.
Hey! What can I say? Good guys all of them. Maybe society doesn’t care for them and probably with their own good reasons. But these are my people, and everyone knows it. I earned their respect and love not by being here, but by my conduct.

And while I don’t want to make this the T.T. loves T.T. blog, I’ve done some reflecting and pondering of my life’s journey. And as fucked up as it is now, there’s poor souls out there in the same boat as me who have worked, paid bills, raised families, went to church…. But are lonely and don’t have nowhere near the love and moral support I’m getting. As I reflect on this life, I realize, yes, I’ve taken guys out and they didn’t get 6-7-8 months to reflect on their fucked-up deeds. It was 1-2-3 – see ya – bam, it’s over.

Ok, moving on. If you read my Bad Weather blog, I’ve done that several times. Interfered in hits when possible or when I thought they were out of line. From prison yards to gangster business. I even talked up for a guy scheduled for a hit, and got it cancelled. And I was going to be part of the whack. Just the set-up guy, but I knew him well. I had just been a pallbearer at his baby’s funeral. Now I’m supposed to bring the guy in for slaughtering. That’s another blog. But that’s saving a life ain’t it?
Pulling a 3 year old from a ranch well, and assisting in his resuscitation. That’s like saving a life. A life on a child, that’s a good life. I don’t want a medal or any of that shit. What’s funny about the kid and the well is that his mom made me a whole chocolate pie, my favorite, the next day. But within 3 months, the kid’s old man is putting out word he’s going to blow my head off if I step on ranch property. Once again, I refer to Old Blue Eyes, “That’s life.”

But when I get up and read these blog comments from Ghost, Jose in San Diego my ese, Jayne, Barry from up there in Tonopah, Will, your Mom and Dad, Geoff, Big W., Cindy, Sue O, August, Hammy, all of these folks have inspired me with good advice, strong-hearted advice, fuck-the-odds advice, and I don’t know what to say.

I don’t consider myself a religious man. I’d like to have that blind faith that’s sang in songs, written in books, shouted about on street corners. But I can’t honestly say “Oh yeah!”
I’ve lived this life of robbing, stealing, killing, fucking over the weak and now as the moment nears, I can’t jump up and say, “OK. Forgive me. Sorry about all the sadness I caused families. I’m now a good Christian.” I’m having trouble in my mind with that. Sure I can say it.

You know, since word hit the yard I’m on my last legs or soon will be, I’ve had at least 5 inmates come up to me. 2 gave me books on Jesus and 1 on Jehovah. One had his people send me a student bible to study. Their thoughts are nice.
Now these ain’t pooty-butt guys. They’re guys you would get scared about if you run into them in an alley. They’re not chomos or rapos [child molesters or rapists]. They’re guys, I guess you would say, who’re all looking for change and answers.
I’m not rude, I take their books out of politeness. But to be honest, I haven’t cracked one of them open.

I told the cancer oncologist last week as we met over the TV-set hook up, “Hey, Doc, let’s keep it on the up and up here. I’m not afraid of death. In fact I’m trying to look at it as a possible new journey.” I’ve faced death before, but adrenaline was flowing, survival value was full-tilt boogie. There was never time for reflection or pondering. Now this is all I have time to ponder and reflect. I sure had a lot of fun, and an issue of sadness that never lasted long. Fun always seemed to override the sadness. I told the Dr. what I fear is the pain. He told me they can and will handle the pain. We’ll see.

You can tell I like that word ponder. I’m using the hell out of it. I hope this didn’t bore you. C’mon, let’s get back to having fun at the blog. What do you want to kick around? War? Politics? The Mafia? Prison?

Shaun, I’m really happy with your progress. Now get to work.


Two Tonys

ps) Jim Hogg wanted to write to you so I told him to have at it. I’m worried about him and his release. But what the fuck? Look at the adventure. This place becomes a nest and some of these guys are like baby birds. My advice: Fly, motherfucker, fly.

Our friends inside appreciate your comments.

Two Tonys is dying from cancer. You can send well wishes for Two Tonys by emailing or posting them below. To post a comment if you do not have a Google/Blogger account, just select anonymous for your identity.

Shaun P. Attwood


BanksyPunt said...

You gota get two tonys writing to you as much as he can, hes got stories to tell and an audiance who wants to listen!

It would be such a shame for all the stories he has collected throughout his life to be lost. He seems to be handling things well though - "Once again, I refer to Old Blue Eyes, “That’s life.” made me smile.

Do you have any pictures of him? I wonder how many of us have a specific mental image of how he looks?

Anonymous said...

That was such a nice post from Double T's. He conveyed how he is feeling right now and I really felt his emotions in his post. Take good care TT's and thank you Shaun for the constant update. Keep ridin' until the wheels fall off! -Jose in San Diego.

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Dittos on GatDacor and Jose...keep it coming until it's done with our good man. I could so relate to having people in my life now after things happened with my son, that absolutely have my back, and are folks I would never have met outside of a prison or rehab situations, but I understand them and love them as they are. I have never had such tight friends, and this blogging community is awesome. And TT, it's about today. I know you have a past, it's your life and you own it, but every day is a clean slate. The Apostle Paul started out as a hit man for the Jewish religious hierarchy, and wound up writing most of the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of pain too, at any time really... not of dying even though I used to be, but i'm not in your situation either. I don't think I'd get all religious either... shit happens, you do things knowing they are bad (to whatever degree) and whatever is gonna happen in the afterlife is gonna happen.

I'm glad you wrote in.

Oh! I have a question - I'm on a website where people can wish for anything and you can grant wishes. We have had a couple of prisoners, or family of prisoners, request penpals - they of course never state why they are in prison. One was a rapist, one a murderer and I've been blasted for posting their info on their "wish" - I just want women to be warned of what they are getting into. Ever known a prisoner to take advantage of penapsls/etc especially since they have an address for that person???

Cindy in CO

Matt said...

Good stuff....will keep up with your blog. You can definitely transcend ANY obstacle in life when you're a follower of Jesus. This is coming from a bail bondsman who had his own skeletons in the closet once.

Jonesy said...

Just wanted to send Two Tonys some love and much respect.

Wishing you all the best in your battle against cancer. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Rachel xx

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Anacker said...

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