Wild Man Arrives at the Big House (Part 2)

Wild Man – My large and fearless raving partner from my hometown. He is one of the main characters in my jail memoir. He looked out for me in the jail when we first went in. He was sentenced before me, and ended up having various adventures in the prison system.
In Part 1 Wild Man knocked out an envoy from the Aryan Brotherhood who asked to see Wild Man’s charges. Now the Aryan Brotherhood intend to deal with Wild Man at recreation.

“Next day, I wake up for chow,” Wild Man said. “It’s breakfast. Rec’s at 10. After breakfast a couple of woods come up to me and say, ‘Put yer shoes on. You need to go to rec.’
I kinda thought about it, Do I go out swinging or listen to what they’ve got to say? I thought I’d just wing it.

I walk out to rec with three woods, and there’s six more waiting for me at the poker table. These six are the heads of the whites from all of the yards.”
“Hold on a minute. What do the heads look like?” I asked.
“Three of them are about my size. Bald heads. WHITE PRIDE on all of them. All affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.”
“So they would do some serious damage if they started on you?”
“Definitely. I woulda took one or two out, but I woulda got severely hurt.
I walk up, and one called Boon says, ‘Alright, Wild Man. It’s been a long time. How you doin’?’ and gives me a hug. Boon’s running Building 5.
The main guy, Jody, says to Boon, ‘You know him?’
Boon laughs, and says, ‘Yeah. He fucked a lotta dudes up at Towers jail.’
Boon whispered something to Jody, and then Jody turns to me and says, ‘What the fuck were you thinking?’
I said, ‘I didn’t know where the guy was coming from. Whether he was asking me am I a PC-case, by asking for my paperwork. I didn’t wanna leave any unanswered questions, so I gave him a left. I didn’t mean to knock him out, and embarrass him. I’m English, and that’s what you do in English prisons.’
One – with WHITE PRIDE right on the back of his head in German – started laughing. Boon was laughing. But three of them shook their heads.”
“So they were split about what to do with you?” I asked.
“Yes. Then Jody said, ‘Are you willing to apologise to him? The only reason we are not dog-piling you right now is because Boon knows about you from Towers. He said you beat the shit out of a baby shaker, and that goes a long way with us. But don’t get things fucked up. You can’t just go around hitting our heads.’
So I said to the guy I knocked out, ‘Soz about that.’
He didn’t know what soz meant. He just shook his head.

After that, I was going to rec, kicking it with Boon and the heads. I did a couple of missions for them on big guys. I’d only work one-on-one. I don’t believe in dog-piling. They were impressed with my work. They gave me the go ahead, and material to make hooch for the heads and me. Then they give me the green light on the job of the guy I knocked out.

So four weeks after knocking him out, I go up to him and say, ‘I’m having the dorm now. I’ve got the go-ahead from the heads. What you gonna do about it?’
He says, ‘You can have it. I’ll roll over. I’m going home in two months. But to save face, will you talk to me about what decisions you make, so the rest of the fellas still think I’m your right-hand man.’
Looking him dead in the eye, I tell him, ‘I’ll throw a dog a bone,’ meaning I’ll do that for him. That’s how I ended up running the dorm.”

“That’s incredible!” I said. “Only you can get away with beating up an envoy from the Aryan Brother your first day on the yard. I think they saw what a gladiator you are and figured they’d be better off putting you to good use. How many more stories you got like this one you can share at Jon’s Jail Journal?”
“About fifty.”

Do we want more Wild Man prison stories?

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Shaun P. Attwood


Chris H said...

Let me think.....

Yes please!

Chris H

REZROCKET© said...

one time in Los Angeles the big BAD wolf took I n I to the devils' snatch n we bumrushed a party. Cannot remember the label or title of the shindig but it was mosdef a target for me n the droogeez...

When we left Tempe I had not but two penny's to rub together n ma' crew was all going... SHIIIIT! Sez me, n I jump in the auto wit' a nest of filthy fuckz who will go unknown....

Loooong boring drive thru the desert and then we're in an ugly, smelly city called Los Angeles.... Cross da' street from the fuckin' Coliseum. I know my position yet still playing it off as if I have currency in my filthy pocket!!

I look to my benefactor n approach the pale skinned father figure of my sick n twisted family.... "I need entrance fare, I GOT YOU!!



(next chapter)

Naww... fuck you... you roll it, I can't see straight. FUCK YOU! It's my SHIT!!

Aight, let Justin roll it..... (sniffffff) huh!? Fuck, Das'allll you haaaad to say!!


fuuuuuck... I'm kinda trippin'
but I'ma roll this piece real quick... It's sticky as molasses in August but it smells like premium pussy so FUCK IT!!!

OKAY... I'm kinda exaggerating but you get the effect.....

Any"FUCKIN"way.... we all meet up n were like "Fuck you... I'm thirsty n there's no more shit... jus' gangsterz n knuckle headz lookin' for a fight..."


At the HOTEL

So I start busting yoga on 3x of Mitsu's on the hotel room floor as the other occupants of the spot watch me and try to ignore the nonsense of "Wild Things" blaring on the telly....

Fact= "She kinda looks like Denise Richards...."

OOOHHHHH SHIT!! What is Smiley doing?

Love you my man....

Jon said...

L&R back at you, REZROCKET! Hope everything's working out for you.

Wild Man,

REZROCKET is one of your friends from AZ, Native Jessica's brother.

Shaun Attwood

Cityboy said...

Great stuff! Really getting into this now. What's with the German stuff??

Anyway I think the local Giant does dog-piling on a Sunday evening D'oh I mean dogging! LMAO

Jon said...


The German stuff is because the Aryan Brotherhood lend from the Nazis.

Shaun Attwood

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Its Iain. Funnily enough I want lots more Wild man stories. Wild Man stories are going to be very popular.


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry. Look forward to more Wild Man stories!

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

You have to tell some the ones you told me-they are too good to leave out. (In the book I imagine).

Anonymous said...

Definitely. It will interest everyone.

Anonymous said...

i loved the wildman story!! i can totally picture that, crazy him


Anonymous said...

100% yes. I've been enjoying the thought of this big Englishman with a scouse accent bashing and intimidating all these American hardmen. I bet they didn't know what to think. If he's got 50 stories please post them all, I heard through the grapevine that there's talk of a film....can't imagine who they would get to play him. That photo of him in the courthouse looking back over his shoulder with the grinning stare reminds me of the Australian convict mark 'chopper' Reid where he once said (don't quote me on this), ' you can be all you want in the criminal world, a thief, a rapist, a murderer, a pedophile....but no one likes a psycho'.

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