Book News, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Xmas Antics and More Nonsense From Germany

It's the two-year anniversary of my release, and I've been in Germany for over a week. I just received the best possible Xmas present from my literary agent. His email began: "The good news is that you will be a published writer." Not only has he found a publisher for my jail memoir, the publisher belongs to the biggest publishing company in the world, which is, incidentally, owned by Germans.

With this publisher behind me, I can really rip the roof off Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail system. It also opens the door for the stories of the prisoners I write about. I'd like to do them as seperate books.

My agent said the earliest my jail memoir will be in the bookstores is September.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is up to his usual Xmas antics. He's forcing 8000 inmates in the Maricopa County jail system to listen to Xmas songs all day long for the duration of the holiday season. Arpaio claims to have chosen music from all faiths, and for agnostics he has selected songs by the Chipmunks.
Citing the music as cruel and unusual punishment, inmates have filed six lawsuits against it. A reporter for the Phoenix New Times pointed out that the practice of forcing people to listen to "crappy music" is used by the military for interrogation purposes. "For example, the U.S. military blared Metallica music at detainees in Guantanamo Bay with the intention of breaking them down psychologically."

Yet another pregnant woman has suffered abuse by Arpaio's guards. The woman was arrested while nine months pregnant. She gave birth while shackled to a bed, and wasn't allowed to hold her baby. She was told that if no one came to collect the child within 72 hours, the baby would be turned over to state custody.

Before I get into my adventure in Germany, I'd like to post a quote from Iron Man's latest letter that I found inspirational: "I am glad to hear about the progress you are making on all fronts. Perseverence and single-minded determination will carry the day. Remember that all great battles are won in the general's tent. So stick to your plan, dwell deeply in the present moment, and live life in every breath."

I wrote the nonsense that follows especially for those of you in a cold part of the world this Xmas.

20th December 09

I'm sat next to Kathi on the Deutsche Bahn train back to Halle. We just spent the weekend at her parents' house in a 1075-year-old village in the state of Thüringen, population 5500, where no English people have dared to tread since World War II. The village is in a mountainous region, and the temperature low was minus 18°C. Kathi is wearing five pairs of socks. A sense of feeling is returning to my feet, but I still can't feel my toes.
Kathi is sipping Holunderlikör – a liquor brewed by her friend, Netti, who shares a house in the village with numerous ferrits. Kathi's recommending I take a drink to put some warmth back into my body. Mmmm, it tastes sweet.

Upon arrival, I demanded to take a good look around the village. Venturing out in my Russian hat and thermals, the cold sent my exposed facial skin into shock. It took about ten minutes to lose all feeling in my feet, and a bit longer for my gloved hands to start to go. So we ended up hiding from the cold in the house occupied by Netti and her ferrits, with names such as Maya and Katis, who repeatedly tried to sneak up the inside of my jeans, no doubt aiming to steal that last store of heat between my legs.

Unlike most Germans I've met, Kathi's dad, Eberhard, actually smiles a lot. Her mum, Jördis, cooked some wonderful food. They live in a hundred-year-old building formerly occupied by priests. There is a Catholic church to one side, and a Protestant church to the other whose bell rang every fifteen minutes, including all night long.

Many years ago, one church was occupied by monks and the other by nuns. Village folklore has it that a tunnel running under Kathi's parents' house joins the two. That a nun and a priest, Lioba and Bertram to be precise, used the tunnel to consummate their love until a rival for Lioba, Urban, caught them in the act and stabbed them to death. Fleeing the crime scene, Urban fell off a mountain and perished. And deservedly so. Now the threesome haunt a local forest at midnight, Lioba and Bertram making all kinds of ghostly wails as Urban continues to keep them apart.

Kathi's parents speak only German, so our conversations were mostly translated by Kathi's brother, Jürgen – a 27-year-old computer genius who shows no signs of facial hair and resembles a 15-year-old Bill Gates: a youthful appearance that will undoubtedly come in handy when he's older but is presently preventing him from losing his virginity. The parents took good care of me, ensured my vegetarian needs were catered for, and Eberhard kindly insisted on us venturing out into the white yonder so he could buy Kathi and me additional layers of clothes from the outlet in the neighbouring village.
The evening meal was a dry one. Cheese with big holes in it like you see in cartoons. Brown bread, and I mean dark-brown bread that takes a serious amount of time to chew, real bread, bread for real men, bread liable to put hairs on the chest of a food softie like me. Chewing the bread, meditating on its taste, gave me flashbacks to the brewers yeast tablets I loved as a child. Tablets that no other children liked. The German mouth must be well adapted to this bread, as I was still masticating long after the others had stopped. Almost twice as long. Or perhaps it just felt like that.

The German foodstuffs combined with Karamalz Malzbier (a tasty non-alcoholic malt beer) had a strange and immediate effect on my digestive system. I found myself in the awkward position of having to hold a fart in for the duration of the first meal. The toilet was right next to the dining room, so close to where we were sat in fact that I didn't dare go in to remedy the situation as I feared the fart would be heard. For the entire after-dinner chatting that stretched to over an hour, my ability to clench the muscle between my legs was constantly tested by rising internal pressure. When it got to the point where I actually thought I could feel my midsection inflating, I had to risk slipping some out before I had an accident. Thankfully, it emerged when Eberhard was saying something particulary guttural - as Germans are prone to do - and at a volume that only I perceived.

Last night, I had my first sleep walking experience. Apparently, I got up around 3am and started searching my tiny bed and the floor. When the commotion woke Kathi up on her seperate tiny bed, I demanded the flashlight from her, yanked up my mattress, and illuminated below it.
"What are you doing?" Kathi asked, rubbing her eyes.
"I dropped my email."
"I must find my email."
"Are you dreaming?"
"Do you have my email?" I yelled in such a nasty voice Kathi was afraid.
"Shaun, you dream."
On the floor I found a piece of wood the size of an ID card, scrutinized it for a few seconds, turned to Kathi and said, "Is this my email?"
"No, Shaun. It is a little wood."
"Why did you give me this shit!" I yelled in an even nastier voice than earlier. "You have my email!"
"You are dreaming, Shaun. Wake up."
"I must go the toilet."
"Please leave the door open," Kathi said, fearing I'd invade her parents' bedroom on my quest for the email.
Sat on the toilet – Kathi had previously instructed me to never stand and pee into this particular toilet, to sit only, or as she put it: "You pee like that is no nice for my mum. You sit or clean the toilet with your tongue!" – I realised who and where I was. I came back, apologised, and Kathi went and reheated my hot-water bottle.
My behaviour in the night armed Kathi with enough material to regale her family members with the story several times. They all had a good laugh at it, and seemed to overlook that their daughter's boyfriend is starting to show signs of the onset of insanity.

My final meal in the village was a Sunday dinner that stretched my stomach well beyond capacity. We ate potatoes grown in the garden I couldn't see due to all of the snow. They were a golden colour, and served with parsley on them. Absolutely delicious, and a credit to the boiling skills of Jördis. There was a veg medley heavy on peas (my favourite). And veggie burgers Kathi brought from Halle that raised a few eyebrows from the devourers of meatballs and bratwurst. But saying that, I must give them their due: Jürgen and Eberhard did actually try the veggie burgers, and when questioned as to whether they liked them, they nodded in that expressionless way unique to Germans that comes in handy at the poker table.

Anyway, bye for now. I can finally feel my toes again. I'm wondering whether the heater in the carriage or the Holunderlikor got there first.
"The likor has given me warm feets," Kathi just said, resting my mind.

Merry Xmas from Halle, Leipzig (where Xmas begins on the 24th and is the day presents are exchanged)! Thank you for supporting our friends inside! I wish you all a wonderful New Year! With the book coming out, it certainly should be an interesting year for Jon's Jail Journal.  

Click here for The Christmas Spirit of Two Tonys

Click here to read about my last Christmas in prison

Post comments below or email them to To post a comment if you do not have a Google/Blogger account, just select anonymous for your identity.
Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

that is brilliant news on the book!!!!! well done!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

Great for you! Send me a copy. When are you going to open an account with me and start generating some big COMMISH??
Merry Christmas!

Your former boss,

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

Thats really good news!

Haha, You fell in big a bucket of shite and came out smelling of
roses... just like when we were kids nicking "Barrs" pop bottles for the 10p deposit.

Old habits eh...

Sounds like you have a serious publicity machine behind you... gonna be big hit.
Howard Marks mark II.

Have a cool Xmas, hope 2 C u in the new year.


Anonymous said...


Excellent news, I would imagine this has just made your Christmas that bit more special, made up for you- truly well done. Imagine all the fun, promoting the book, doing talks, touring, photoshoots, accesss to the best parties, money coming out your ears if it goes well - oh it sounds magical!

I'm currently working on another play to hopefully get on at The Brindley in the new year. I do enjoy play writing though.

Good luck and hopefully see you soon.


Anonymous said...


MARVELOUS! All the pain and suffering you went through has been worth it (hopefully). Certainly, the pain is in the past, and now the good feelings and pride are in the present and future. I'm very happy for you and your family.

Dr S

Anonymous said...

MY GOODNESS CONGRATS SHAUN!!!!! I am very happy for you! What a blessing.

Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

That's great news, congratulations!


Prisoners Abroad

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is incredible, Shaun! I always thought your story made for fabulous reading. I believe you made the best use of your prison sentence, which benefitted you in such a positive way. Getting busted was probably a blessing in disguise for you. Congratulations!

My thoughts are there celebrating with you!



Anonymous said...

Wow Shaun! That's great news! Congratulations!

Linda Saville

Anonymous said...

the book deal is it! it's all going to go mental and get massive now you know! particularly when tv cottons on to how good you are at public speaking.
you might get a role in cameron's gov advising on prison reform...along with ex con tories.

Anonymous said...


That is wonderful news! I would love a signed copy with a loving mote from you inside appologizing for any discrepencies in truths about me. Lol

I really can't wait to read it. I loved being with you and having intelligent discussions of which none have been even paralleled by my current acquaintances. You were always fun to argue with! Xoxoxo


leigh said...

how wonderful to hear about your book! it's so exciting!!! great news for Christmastime!

Kathi's parents' house also sounds very interesting! maybe during a less frozen season you can explore those buildings (and perhaps locate your email)

Anonymous said...

Nice one Shaun, if anything was going to work out it was your book.

Your book would make a good film, who has the film rights?

All the best to you and Kathi.

Cheers - John from Widnes.

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! I'm really excited for you. I will tell Goo all about it when he gets home. I guess that means we will be able to get the book over here in the States. When is all of this happening?

I am so jealous, you are in Germany. I have always wanted to go there. =P Please send hugs to Kathi from us.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You worked very hard for this and never gave up. Hard work and good luck seem to follow each other around. Very proud to have you as a friend! Say hi to your girlfriend for me, your parents as well. Have some fun/be happy.
Weird Al

Anonymous said...

great news on the book - what a fab Xmas present for you

I presume blog ready will be able to get signed copies ;)

merry christmas


Jon said...

In response to your questions:

John: As far as I understand it, the book rights come first, and then the movie rights follow. Fingers crossed on that front.

Steph: The publisher wants world rights for the book. My agent said the earliest it will be in the bookstores is September. I imagine it will be in UK bookstores first, and then the other countries will follow.

Dre: I would like to organise something special for the blog readers. I feel we're all in this together, that you readers have contributed to my development as a writer, and your support has kept me motivated to keep going over the years.

Merry Xmas from Germany where it's actually Xmas today, and presents are exchanged tonight!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shaun. Aunt Ann would of been thrilled for you. So am I. You've come a long way since Ann smuggled your original blogs out of the Madison Street jail. Now, maybe you can go out for a pint, and get a burger (veggie of course) to go along with it. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I am so proud of you and knew that this would happen! This is amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did such a great job turning something so negative into something so positive! You and Kathi better celebrate! :)


Anonymous said...

P.S. Kathi, I want to spit in Arpaio's face too !


Anonymous said...

terrific news! a happy holiday to you and yours. Best. Alan Simpson

Anonymous said...


Merry CHRISTmas to you to, and remember always Christ is the reason for the season.

Robert E

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

That is fantastic news. Congratulations!


Prisoners Abroad

Anonymous said...

Oh mate!! That is bloody fantastic news!!
I wonder if it will be on the "permitted books" list in Az DOC? ;-)

Brilliant, Shaun, I am so chuffed for you.
Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to an arse-kicking 2010.

Lady Arkles xx

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Shaun! May the enlightenment begin to all those Arpaio lovers and followers!

Lipstick Jungle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lipstick Jungle said...

Merry Christmas Shaun! I haven't been back to read in quite some time - haven't spent time on anyones (including my own) lately!

Funny that I received your email on the same week that I thought of you again - we saw a news story on your favorite "Joe" last weekend. Makes me sick that people dont see through his ways!

Cant wait for the book! Will for sure be hitting the stands for it!


(had to delete that last one because my 7 year old was asking me how to spell "Jon" and I typed "Jon" - embarrassing! Sorry!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

So pleased to hear your news but not remotely surprised!!!!!!! I wish you all the best of luck and
promise you will do me a signed copy!!!!!!!!!!! ????????

I hope you have a great Christmas.

And I think that's it's not only important that you tell your story, but speak up for others who would not be able to speak for themselves.

Really proud of you!

Have a great time in Germany!!!!

Nancy X

Anonymous said...


so crazy !

I'd like to place a pre-order right now :)

Just in time before xmas to receive such news. More reason to smile big.

I would like to have my copie with a dédicace hand written..

Cat Eyes x

Victoria Law said...

Congratulations on the book! And thanks for continuing to support those still behind the walls (or stuck in tent city).


Anonymous said...

I thought you would have it coverd, Shaun, dont forget to check the small print, the deals in the details!

John in Widnes

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! That is so great, Shaun!! Congratulations! What a Christmas present - I knew it would be just a matter of time!

I am so excited about your book! I've been telling everyone who knows you through me - oh Shaun, I can only imagine what may come next. I can only think that the general public will be as amazed as your blog readers. Have a wonderful holiday!

Sue O

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Joe Arpaio should be renamed Joe Stalin (or maybe Lucifer) what a f'ing bastard. Especially with regards to the pregnant girl, not even able to hold her baby!

Anyhoo, hope good ol' Germany is nice? I always hear it is at this time of year. Lots of snow here as i'm sure you've heard.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lady Jane

Anonymous said...

Good man - that's great news, good on you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

Great news about your book!

All the best to yourself, Kathi, and your family for Christmas, and for the New Year.

Keep your light shining bright, spotlighting those things you know need exposure.

Zen :-)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you Shaun and loved ones...
Thanks for all that you do,

Gregg´s friend Annabelle (in Holland!)

syncopated eyeball said...

Hi Shaun. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a bit crook today (Australian for sick) so for the time being I'll just congratulate you on your upcoming publishing and wish you a happy Christmas. I'll return when I can think a bit more clearly. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! That means less than a year away. I can't wait to see the Shaun Attwood movie. Shall Billy Corgan be playing you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Shaun, REALLY Really pleased for you.

Love and Xmas hugs to you and all in Leipzig

Sue Scam


Anonymous said...

Well done mate – about time the hard work paid off!


Anonymous said...

May this be your best day of the year.

Joe McKee

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing and sharing the journal.... Merry Christmas yesterday in Germany

Linda Emanuel-Family

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas yesterday!!!! lol

Tracy Groce Ford

Anonymous said...

I hate cruelity of any kind and many of the sheriffs, police, jailers and officers of the court behave as satanist. It is horrible in the south. In Texas, children as young as 11 are put in jails and prisons with adult hardened criminals. It's all about the money they make per head.
Drugs and prisons are the big money makers here.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Sincerely, Deborah

Jon said...

I agree Deborah, so it's up to the rest of us to keep exposing the injustice.

Thank you for all of the comments and Xmas greetings!

Being a vegetarian, I've been stuffing my face with potato and chick pea curry. I know, how unseasonal! So I've had to overcompensate on the chocolates and mulled wine. My poor teeth have been swimming in sugary substances.

Shaun Attwood

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. What fantastic news. You deserve it and what a great Christmas present!
Have fun


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas homie -Jose in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

Well done Shaun! We knew you could do it,
Love, Mum & Dad
(Editor in Chief and assistant)

Anonymous said...

You and Kathi have a MERRY CHRISTMAS111



Anonymous said...

Shaun, that is INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!!!! I'm SO proud of you!

Dancing around on your behalf --


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Good news about the book!


Anonymous said...

This is funny and Merry Xmas!

Jürgen (Kathi's brother)

Jon said...

Thanks Jürgen!

Frohe Weihnachten

syncopated eyeball said...

I've only read this post so far but already I see you are a fine writer. No wonder you are to be published. I shall be back to read earlier posts later. Enjoy your holidays!

Anonymous said...

lots of awesome news. i saw the guardian story too, you're so funny. such the victim. but, i heard the awesome news bout your publisher and movie prospects...... i just hope my role isn;t portrayed in a negative way too, hmmm, student to lap dancer, what would i become???????????


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family & Wild Man a very white boxing day.‏

Guy Goo

Anonymous said...

Frohes Fest aus Michigan an mein Heimatland.

Ursula B. Armijo

Anonymous said...

Shaun !!!

Once again, I am so proud of you and to say that you are my friend.
Congratulations my friend !!
remember me when you become a gazillionare !!

Barry, Lori, Jammers & Critters in Tonopah

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

I was just thinking about your book deal.....

Is it a really good deal, though ???

The best possible?

Is it for worldwide rights, or limited to, say, Europe and America?

If limited, and if sales successful, then rights to publish in other markets would be of value.

Are you keeping film rights ( presumably that is not included )?

What is their intended print run?

What promotional activity is planned?

Idea: YouTube video with hundreds of people wearing Pink Boxers, each holding a copy of the book!

You are an oddball, relatively easy to market - so video cuts to you doing yoga, and writing with a tiny pencil on scraps of paper.

Then to JJJ, and the Guardian newspaper.

I dare you to walk up to the Palace of Westminster in Pink Boxers, and hand in a copy of your book to, say, your local MP, or ... who ???

On the video, of course!

Guaranteed to make national TV, I would think!

Zen :-)

Anonymous said...

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Years! to you and

I pray that 2010 and the rest to come brings all of you great health and financial stability. Peace and Blessings,

Free Gary Walker

Anonymous said...

Hello Seth Guy Goo,

Happy festival greetings and I hope u still don't wear holy clothes.

Wild Man

Anonymous said...

is two tony's still battling cancer?

he will be so proud! and will live on through the books.....

Anonymous said...

Wild Man,

Happy XMAS, we both are aware of my holy (hole"y") pants and hole"y" shoes, my olive green suit will never be the same.

The best touch was to place those most vile smelling "wing tips" underneath the sink. Iris was convinced there was a dead animal in the appartment.

Merry Christmas to the whole lot of you (John Peter, Peter John, McVicker) Wild Woman, Corey and the Ghost.

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the publisher! I will be buying your book.


Anonymous said...

Just remember your old mates from yesteryear when you are famous. As
for the film adaptation, I was thinking maybe Penelope Cruz could play me??? I know it would be a small role and she'll need a Scouse accent, but she looks like a game girl to me.

Who could play you???? Now there's a question.

GET YOUR THERMALS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

The sleep story was hilarious-you really do take your e-mails very seriously. Sounds like it was a good time!

Anonymous said...


The onset of insanity? Bloke, were it not for the lax British policies regarding the mentally ill, you would have been institutionalized, in a straight-jacket, and heavily medicated, long ago!! Just having some fun.


Weird Al

Anonymous said...

I google searched "victimles felons" and found this on perhaps the second page.

I am adding your blog to my favorites.

I was mostly a law and order type of guy for a long as I could remember. But I have lately been concerned about prison overcrowding and about victimless criminals getting harsher and harsher treatment and sentences. In combination, I have read up on the MCSO, the Arizona lawmakers making more stringent laws against victimless crimes, and now I cannot say I like what's coming down from the authorities.

Part of the problem is the authorities found a sleazy way to get gullible law and order voters to throw them more money, by making more and more peaceful lifestyles criminal. I have never been jailed or charged with anything in my life, but I am very afraid of what's becoming a paranoid fascist government in Arizona and maybe other states are getting as bad. I am afraid that some cop who does not like me or my polemics could charge me for anything and throw me in jail.

It can happen when I drive back from a bar, even with less than 0.08 BAC, Arizona law allows a cop who would stop me to capriciously judge me as "impaired" and can jail me.

Ten years ago Arizona seemed much kinder to adults. Now more and more people are becoming felons. I am reading more and more statements like "I have been conservative all my life and law abiding but I've been jailed..." That is very frightening.

I am optimistic that the overcrowding of jails and the overpopulation of felons is going to eventually be a hot topic that there will be liberalization of victimless crime laws.

Jon said...

Glad to have you on board, anonymous. If you go back to the very beginning of this blog you can read about the conditions I experienced in Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County jail.

As for you, Weird Al, I concur that my insanity may be more deep rooted than I imagine. The last time I told a shrink I was feeling normal, he said that my claim was definitely a sign of grandiosity. But until they come with the straight jacket, I'm sticking to the story that I'm a misdiagnosed eccentric.

Zen, good questions. I'll have to do some research to come up with the answers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, I'm poster number 71 who you just replied to. Yes, I have read your blogs at the beginning just after I posted.

I regretted I posted before reading. I am shocked at the conditions the Maricopa County prisoners are living in. I am glad you are out of that hell. This is clearly a violation of the 8th amendment of the constitution. Your writings have opened my mind.

At this time of writing a friend of mine is serving four days for DUI (including Christmas Day) in a state outside Arizona, I wish to not name. Keep up the good writing. Once again, I sm appalled at our American prison conditions.

syncopated eyeball said...

Excellent blog! it will take me some time to make my way through the older posts but I will do it. Apart from anything else, you do sound a bit eccentric - well, me too. I often think if more people let their true selves out and refused to squash themselves into stupid little boxes that they would be much happier and the world would be much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

when's your book gonna be on the shelves? i want an autographed copy,


Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

I see that asshole Joe Arpaio a few times a week on the Elevator going to my job in the Wells Fargo Bldg. He is a pompous ass, and his henchman don't appreciate when I stare at him.

I hope you and kat are great HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Anonymous said...


I have never read one of your blogs which has this many comments. Lots of readers out there and all seem to want a free, signed copy of the book. I myself of course am far more concerned with who will play "Weird Al" in the movie version. It would have to be a good looking, coquettish, yet vulnerable, and highly intelligent stud-like individual. Tom Cruise perhaps? Also, I too have a large fan club. The number of my loyal fans, including myself, has been estimated as being as high as one.

Be Well,

Weird Al

Jon said...

I think Kevin Spacey would work for you, Al. There's an innocence and charm about him that you possess. On the surface at least. :)

Anonymous said...

Kathi und Shaun an euch allen einen guten Rutsch in's Neue jahr, verbunden mit den besten Wuenschen fuer ein besseres 2010 und fuer die Erfuellung unserer Wuensche dass unser Sohn Daniel bald seine Freiheit wieder gewinnen wird und das die Gerichte hier in USA ihre Fehler eingestehen und unschuldige Menschen aus dem Gefaengnis befreien.
Das ist unser Kampf jeden Tag um diese Gesetze zu reformieren. Herzliche Gruesse an euch in Halle an der Saale.
Meine heimatstadt is heilbronn am Neckar, eine richtige Schwaebin.

Ursula B. Armijo

Cityboy said...

Jon - Are you now permitted to be near ferrits after your past 'issues' with them.
I mean hiding them in your orifice is a little too far, I thought maybe the local giant may perform such tricks.....

Anonymous said...

Hia man

loved reading your stuff about being in Germany, t'was so very funny......great and fantastic news about the book ...I am ever so pleased for ya......may it really do some amazing things!!!!

love to ya,

Foxy xxx

Anonymous said...

im so excites abt the book. and that ur doin well.

Anonymous said...

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