From Frankie (Letter 16)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hit man and leader of prison "booty bandits." After seeing me rubbing antifungal ointment on the bleeding bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, he proposed we have a gay prison marriage.


I received your letter and as always the pleasure is mine being on the opposite side of the fence. Thank you for being a friend and not forgetting about me. I also got both chess books. Once again thank you very much. I’m enjoying them especially being locked-up without a TV. I’m too short [close to release] and broke to buy a T.V.

Not really broke but my old lady is due to have my baby girl this month and I told my family not to send me any money, to use it to buy my baby girl stuff she will need like clothes, diapers, pampers, whatever a new baby will need cuz anything helps.

I’m going to get married and wish you could be here cuz you would be my best man and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My friend, I am retiring. I’m done with la vida loca [the crazy life] at fifty years old. Becoming a father is a big blessing cuz I’ve never been there for my two daughters and son cuz I served 18 years straight my first time in prison, then I came right back with 6 ½ more and picked up 4 ½ more in prison, which kept me out of my kids’ life. Here’s my chance to become a father to my baby girl. She will be born in the next two to three weeks.

I am also a war veteran, which will help me when I get out. Some lady from the veterans’ memorial came to see me and told me I have benefits coming but can’t collect till I’m out of prison, plus they will help me with a house and a hospital if needed.

One thing that stuck with me about you was that you didn’t like watching T.V. You kept reading books and writing to stay busy. For the next 11 months that’s exactly what I’m doing. Do you remember telling me to read books and stay away from the T.V?

Give my regards to your mom and dad and sister, and tell them I send my love. It won’t be much longer and I’ll be free without parole, and you won’t hear again that Frankie’s back in prison. I’m becoming a father to a beautiful girl. I’m not putting her through what I put my other kids through.

Take care.

 Much L&R’s

= Frankie =

Shaun Attwood


Unknown said...

Shaun, your kindness has obviously had a positive effect on this man. If we had more of your attitude rather than Arpaio's attitude of releasing angry, mistreated people out into the general public we would be way ahead. I live in Maricopa County, Arizona and we are working very hard to get rid of Arpaio.

Anonymous said...

This is nice to read. It really sounds like Frankie is inspired and has set some goals that he can accomplish. I hope the best for him and his new family.

~Big Jason

Zen said...

"Well done, Frankie!

Hopefully this fourth child will be worth "being there" for.

Children deserve the best, for after all, they are the future.

Best wishes to both Frankie and Shaun.