Question Time

Amy wrote: 

You need to be speaking to Arizona schools!!! Those would be the kids directly affected by Joe Arpaio. I'm disgusted to admit I voted for him. Few questions,

1. Have you sold the rights to Hard Time for a movie?

2. When is Party Time coming out?

3. What can I do as an Arizona citizen to help?

4. Can you come back to the US? Would you even want to?

5. What makes me sick is that I work for a chemical company that sells 40 different products for insect control.... including packets that you mix to mop water to kill roaches, how can I get these "inside".

6 Last question for you.... can you get two Tonys story on iBooks? 

I'm going to a retirement party for my neighbor (Scottsdale prosecutor) oh how I wish I could bring signed copies of your book to pass out to all the cops, judges, and other prosecutors. 

You are such an inspiration!!

All the best

Amy in AZ


Thanks for the questions.

1 No movie rights have been sold. I’ve been approached by Hollywood movie people in the past, but no offer came about. The professional advice I’ve had is that Hard Time alone is insufficient for a movie plot because the bulk of the back story is in Party Time. My literary agent thinks a movie may follow the publication of Party Time. 

2 Party Time is scheduled for publication in spring 2013. 

3 A guard once told me that the world has no idea about what goes on in Arpaio’s jail system. As an Arizona citizen who does know, I think it’s important that you tell other people, especially if you are rubbing shoulders with cops, judges and prosecutors. There is a US website selling my book at a massive discount ($5.95 per copy) if you wanted to circulate some books to the right people.  

If you have any contacts at schools, I’d be happy to mail you DVD’s of my talk to donate to schools. 

4 I’m banned from the US for life by the Department of Homeland Security. The only way around this is if I get a presidential pardon. Do you know Obama? I would like to come to America to do talks to schools, and to see my friend T-Bone who is struggling right now after getting released from prison. 

5 Getting roach products inside the jail would probably require a political contribution to Arpaio bigger than the kickback he’s probably getting from the existing roach-spray company. Aren’t contracts up for sale to the highest bidder like legislation in Arizona?  

6 I just retrieved the draft of Two Tonys’ life story from my parents’ attic. I’ll get it typed up after I finish Prison Time, the third book from The English Shaun Trilogy. T-Bone’s life story is also a work in progress. Incredible how he risked his life over and over to stop prison rape. Both stories will be available in ebook form for devices. 

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

In response to your answer for question 6 are you still going to do book versions including Tbones as I do prefer a proper book to read :-)


Jon said...

Yes, Sarah, T-Bone's life story will be a physical book and an ebook. Here's the webpage:​index.php?option=com_conten​t&view=article&id=122&Item​id=121

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that


Anonymous said...

FYI- the ebooks purchased on Amazon are likely Kindle format which won't work with iBooks, but if you purchase it from Amazon, you can convert it to ePub (iBooks format) via a program called Calibre. It's a free stand alone program and works on multiple formats.

Anonymous said...

Please pass on the message to T-Bone, "to not give up". And please remind him that he's an inspiration to so many people. Hope that things are well with you, Jon.
- Azar

Anonymous said...

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