T-Bone on Not Hating People Including Addicts (Part 1)


Anonymous said...

Incredibly inspiring T-Bone! With your charisma, if a movie about your life is made, you should star in it, rather than working behind the scenes! With all that you have been through, you still have a pure heart towards other human beings. That is the rarest quality of all. Do not let your gifts go to waste, though I know how hard it is to keep fighting. A pure heart is a sacred gift that we each have, not a curse. Most of us let go of this sacred gift to some extent. It is up to strong people like you to teach the world what is important in life. Take life one day at a time, and never lose faith in yourself, or your abilities. The answers will present themselves when the time is right. One of the most important phrases when used appropriately: "Never give up." And you are right, T-Bone: Shaun is a good person. In this world, that is the highest compliment. May God bless you, T-Bone.

Shaun Attwood said...

Thanks, Azar. I will read your comment to T-Bone.