Email Received from a Student Today

Dear Shaun,

You came to speak at my school a while ago now and I have been meaning to thank you ever since.

People come into schools and speak about drugs, sex and danger on a regular basis, yet the most these presentations amount to are jokes dotted throughout the week about how people do all of the above anyway before the talk is completely forgotten. Your account of your time in prison was the first that I'd seen to really and truly touch every person in that room. You didn't tell us to never look at drugs, to report anyone who had the slightest knowledge of narcotics or to stick to every guideline we've ever been given. As a teenager I can well and truly say that this wouldn't have and continues not to have any effect whatsoever on the well-being or common sense of my classmates.

The way you delivered your speech inspired me. The facts were clear but the humour was prominent, keeping us all on the edge of our seats. You taught me that after a high there often comes a low, and however hard and rock-bottom that low may feel, determination and perseverance can always amend things in the end. I learnt about the hardships in jail, and what happens if you come head-to-head with the law; but on top of that there are so many more things that will always stay with me from your talk: The importance of family, the dissolution of dreams that may well result in something better, and yes, how to get my priorities straight. I'm sure you receive countless emails daily remarking on what an awe-inspiring man you are and what a change you make - but I felt that it would only be fair to give back even the tiniest bit of what you have given to me in a talk over a year ago.

Thank you so much,
Keep inspiring,

Grace Beverley, Francis Holland School, London

My response:


That's one of the nicest emails I've ever received. I'm sat here eating cheese on toast with a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE. Thanks so much for taking the time to express yourself so eloquently!

Appreciatively yours,

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

How sweet!


Anonymous said...

:) Gotta love it man


muzuzuzus said...

An email like that AND cheese on toast would surely be heaven :)

ps---you should get in touch with Scorcese (one of my favourite film directors) and put to him an idea for a film about your experiences!

Jon said...

thanks Muz,

i'm told Scorcese watches every episode of locked-up abroad, but i have no idea how to approach someone like that