Banged-Up Abroad Raving Arizona

Welcome to my blog! If you just watched Banged-Up Abroad Raving Arizona, I'm answering questions on Twitter here:

Click here for questions I answered for National Geographic channel 
Click here for my response to the Banged-Up USA premiere.

The episode is based on my two books, Party Time and Hard Time, which are available worldwide including Asia with free shipping here:
Party Time
Hard Time

I hope you enjoyed Raving Arizona. Please Tweet me if you have any questions.

Shaun Attwood


Vanessa, Rita, Jessica said...

We just saw your episode from national geographic channel in portugal, lisbon and we discovered your blog through from there.
We found very interesting how "you find" the drug and you engage yourself in it, and yet you continued to be so human to the point of trying to show the whole world how inhumane prison was where you were.
It's gratifying to see that in all the wrong decisions we make, we can always take advantage of them.
Stay strong.
(sorry for our bad english :) )

matt said...

Is a similar episode going to air in the US on the NatGeo channel as well? I find your prison/jail experience and outlook pretty interesting. It looks like the power of this blog goes pretty far throughout the world.

Jon said...

yes its being broadcast worldwide this week

Anonymous said...

Have you any cash stashed over in the states I could pick it up for yo?

Jon said...

i wish :)

Anonymous said...

It shows that sometimes we have to go down the wrong path in order to find the right one.

Kamalcourse said...
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Jon said...

thanks guys

virg said...

Love it, watched in Australia recently. By far one of the best stories. PS your subscribe feed is not working, the link went to podcast that didn't load. Virginia

Unknown said...

Just from watching it in Zambia. Thanks for the positive outlook on life.