Smashed in Karate

Just did a gruelling 3-hour's of karate. In the first session, Sensei Steve Gurney chose 2 people to fight everyone else without a rest in-between fights, and I was one of the two. The rules were I couldn't attack. I could only block, get the hell out of the way or absorb the blows. After 3 fights, I was panting like a dog. It did not go unnoticed that for the first time in my life, I had colour in my entire face. Walking home in my karate suit past the drunks at the local pub, I didn't even have the energy to respond to their regular heckling. All I could do was offer them a feeble smile. My hands are still trembling as if I have Alzheimer's. The forearm I blocked the most with appears to be growing a golf ball. I think I need to get off Facebook and lie down. :)

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Shaun Attwood   

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