Email from Millie

 Just woke up to this lovely email from a student:

 Dear Mr Attwood,
 I wanted to email to say thank you from me and on behalf of the rest of my year for coming and talking to us at our school yesterday afternoon. I also wanted to thank you for talking to us and not at us. You really engaged us all and I know that everyone took at least something away from your talk. Speaking to my friends after we had dinner with you, we all agreed that your talk was the best, in the sense that it was the most interesting, eye-opening, captivating and enlightening.
 We would like to praise your courage to come and share your story with us. We know, especially from speaking with you later, that it took you incredible strength to deliver such an outstanding presentation.
 We would also like to say how much we admire the fact that you have the confidence to face your past, know you made a mistake and are trying to help others make sure they do not make the same mistakes you made. After you came and talked to us, I spent an hour reading your blog, and your writing is amazing.
 Once again, we thank you for your time your books and your story. Those massive cockroaches must have followed you here, because to our horror, we found a cockroach outside someone's window this morning!
 Many thanks,
 Millie and the rest of Form Four
 Heathfield School, Ascot

My talk to college students:

Shaun Attwood


Gladwin said...

Just watched Nat Geo Locked Up Abroad. Amazing and inspiring story Shaun. Greetings from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

well done millie!
emma and carol
form 3

Anonymous said...

and shaun you talk was amazing

Jon said...

thanks so much guys :)