From T-Bone (Letter 19)

This jail is crazy. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is supposed to be a public official. Ha! He is a real joke. I think he gets off on making people suffer in as degrading conditions as possible. There is no justification for people to be living like this who are unsentenced. There is supposed to be a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

The food is worse than you can imagine and we get absolutely no sunshine. They've been feeding us peanut butter every day for over a year now. Every night we get lentil beans with corn starch and fake meat we call "dog or horse meat." Only two meals a day! They feed us oranges that have no juice. They're completely dry. I am hungry all of the time.

I thank God that so far I haven't had to put my hands on anyone in here, even though there are a few who need it. There are people in here who don't think twice before running into someone's cell to smash them even though there are two cameras in our pod that don't miss anything. The guards just turn their backs to all of the violence because they're too lazy to do the paperwork. Every day, I always here someone banging or screaming for help.

A few months ago, a guard was doing pull-up exercises on a water pipe and it broke, flooded the guard tower and fried all of the computers ans electronics. That's why we were all moved - same cells, different floor.

I am truly sorry to read that Jack has cancer. He is a strong man, a good Marine. God bless him.

Thank you for mailing a signed copy of Prison Time to my wife. How is the life you have chosen going now that you are an established author? How is your niece and family? Is London loud and crazy or safe and friendly?

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Strength and honor

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Shaun Attwood   


Anonymous said...

read this in VICE. did my time in Preston, Fout Springs Boys Ranch, Solano Juvenile, solano adult, So yeah it is a corrupt system. It is strange to see a colored fella doing this but he is a Marine so Semper Fidelis! Ooohrah! I joined the TBAS on FB. Good job, keep reporting the truth, PRISON SUCKS, IT IS A GLADIATOR SCHOOL FOR BOYS. Maybe I can send you my story about being sentanced at 14 to 14 years......i got an A in English 200 for it.

Eliseo Weinstein said...

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Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds