From T-Bone (Letter 33)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

Would you believe a guard read about me at Jon’s Jail Journal! The guard turned the other way while I dealt with the guys who were out to hurt me. I went right in and hit the smallest one with a right hand. His head hit the wall. Down he went. The others just stood there for a second and that was their mistake. On a mission for God and country, I laid into them as US Marine.

These other black punks came to the door and said, “Hey, man. It’s your pod now. It’s your pod.”
“Now hear this,” I said. “Attention on deck, you jokers. If the Army and Navy ever look on heaven’s scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines.”

Now they think I am going to run the place, but I am not going to lower myself to their standards. I am not a hero. Those men and women out there working and taking care of their families and serving God are the real heroes.

Each one teach one.
Strength and honour.
Steel embrace.


Shaun Attwood  

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Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bone,
Great to hear that you took care of business and that you're safe! You've made me believe that perhaps there is hope, in a place that often seems like it doesn't have any hope. I feel a connection to people who are incarcerated. There is good in all of us. And please watch your back. Who knows what will happen in your pod next. The jail guards (correctional officers) are people, just like you and me. They are doing a very difficult, and some would say an impossible job, in being jail guards (correctional officers). Always see them as people, not as the "enemy", and you will be able to judge their actions accurately. You are living proof that there is still good in this world, T-Bone. Stay safe. Can't wait to read your next letter. This may sound redundant, but I have to say it: God is always watching. May God bless you, Marine. :)
Much Love And Respect,